Finding the Right Cell Phone Screwdrivers for iPhone 4s

Whether you need to replace a specific component or are trying to install a brand-new battery, you need to use the right screwdriver for your iPhone 4S in order to avoid damaging the device. It is important to keep in mind that Apple products do not use one size of screwdriver alone. Different components require varying types of screwdrivers making it important to know all of the sizes you need ahead of time, so you can plan accordingly.

What size screwdriver can remove the back screws?

If you are trying to remove the plastic back casing of an iPhone 4S, you will need a 5-Point Pentalobe screwdriver specifically to complete the job. This Pentalobe screwdriver is the only tool that should be used to remove the back casing. The casing is held in place with small star-shaped screws found at the bottom of the device. This tool is inserted into the screws and turned in a counter-clockwise motion to loosen them.

Do you need other screwdrivers to replace a battery in an iPhone?

If you are attempting to install a new battery in your iPhone, you will need a different size in addition to the 5-Point Pentalobe model. A Philip's 00 driver is recommended for the two small screws that are used to connect the battery to the backing. It can also be used on any remaining Philip screws you may need to remove from your device.

How do you remove and replace the back of an iPhone?

Taking the back of your phone off is easy with the right know-how. While removing the back casing, be sure not to bend it or force it off or on. Doing so can cause cracks and other damage to the case. Allow the back to fall off naturally on to a soft surface to prevent damage. Follow these steps for easy removal:

  1. Locate the two star-shaped screws at the bottom of your device.
  2. Line up the 5-Point Pentalobe driver in the head of the screws.
  3. Turn in a counter-clockwise motion until loose.
  4. Remove the backing and safely store the screws for later installation.

If your iPhone is waterproof, chances are that it has a special sealant around the edge of the backing. This layer protects the inner electrical components of your device. This can get damaged during removal. Fortunately, you can purchase a new waterproof adhesive kit that is specifically designed for iPhone models if necessary.

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