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Finding Replacement Cell Phone LCD Screens for the iPhone 5s

Smartphones are can be extremely useful devices to own. The LCD screen is an integral part of the display system of a smart device, including those for iPhone 5s cell phones.

What is an LCD, and how do these screens work?

Understanding what LCD technology is and how it functions can be helpful for purchasing the proper smartphone components and installing them correctly.

  • Display quality: LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCD technology is common in computers, tablets, and other smart devices such as the iPhone 5s.
  • Power use: LCD makes it possible for displays to be thinner and lighter. These screens consume much less power than LED or gas displays. They work using a principle that blocks light instead of emitting it.
  • Matrix grid: LCD display screens are made with a passive or active matrix that displays a grid. The matrix is known as a TFT when active, and a passive matrix has a grid of conducting pixels that intersect on the grid. The iPhone generally uses an active matrix, which helps increase color saturation.
  • Luminescence control:The active matrix has a transistor that located near each pixelated intersection and requires less current to control the luminescence.
  • Pixel response: When light is blocked as with the use of a touch screen, the pixels respond and are able to transmit information.
Why should you consider screen replacement on a smart device?

There are a few reasons to replace the screen of your smartphone:

  • Water damage: Water damage can cause corrosion in the LCD system, which can render your device useless.
  • Cracks: Cracks can interfere with the pixel information transmission, making it difficult for your phone to receive the signals necessary for it to respond.
  • Dirt: Dirt, grime, and other oils may have made their way into your LCD system. This can also interfere with the way your device works and can be solved by screen replacement.
  • Other damage: Other forms of damage like impact or exposure to extreme temperatures may impact the performance of your device's screen.
How do you ensure that replacement parts will fit?

Proper fit is essential to the functionality of your device. There are a few ways that you can be sure the new screen will fit well on your device.

  • Option 1: Check in the product details to be sure that you are purchasing a screen that will fit with your specific device.
  • Option 2: An iPhone 5s requires a specific type of LCD display touch screen. Any touch screen that you purchase should specify which devices it will work properly with.
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