Cell Phone LCD Screens for iPhone 4s

If you have an accident and drop your iPhone 4s, it is possible that you may need a new LCD screen display for it. Sometimes the screen may just go black for seemingly no reason. Whatever the scenario you're facing, when you need a new screen, it is possible to replace the screen with one of the available LCD screens for iPhone 4s.

What do you do when your iPhone LCD goes black?

If your screen just goes black, the problem may not be the screen. Before deciding to replace the screen, there are a few things to try in order to return your iPhone 4s back to working order. One possible scenario is that your iPhone battery is dead. Plug it in, and if an empty battery pops up on screen, you should give it some time to charge up before you turn it back on. In the case of a crashed app, simply force it to close and relaunch it. Updating the iOS version may also fix the problem if it stems from a bug afflicting the existing version of the operating system. If none of these work, then it may be time to replace the screen.

How do you replace a screen on an iPhone 4s?

You’ll require some tools for replacement of this part. These include several thin metal blades, plastic spudger, screwdriver set with the special pentalobe and tiny flat-head screwdrivers, and a set of tweezers. You need to back up your data first before proceeding with any of the following screen replacement steps:

  • Open the two screws at the bottom edge using the pentalobe screwdriver to remove the device's back cover.
  • Remove most of the internal components first starting with the battery. Note the screws with different lengths since they’ll need to go exactly where they were after the process is complete.
  • Remove the damaged display, which has 10 screws: three along the lengths and one in each corner. Insert a thin plastic or metal tool between the metal frame and the glass panel then pry the latter loose.
  • Pull the glass panel away from the device and thread its two cables through the metal frame while you are at it.
  • Take the new display and thread the cables back through the frame ensuring they don’t get crimped. Carefully return the other components in the order that you removed them.
How can you protect an iPhone 4s screen from cracking?

There are two main things that can help you protect your iPhone screen. The first one is to use a good iPhone case. There are several different kinds from which to choose. The second thing you can do is to keep a good screen protector on your iPhone screen.