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Protect Your iPad With a Case

Most people have dropped their iPad, had a pet knock it over, or otherwise done some damage to it. That sort of accident is just a fact of life, but it is possible to protect devices from damage when it happens. An iPad 2 case can get the job done, and if you want to understand the options before you pick one out, read on.

What factors should you look at to pick a case?
  • Thickness: The thickness of an iPad 2 protective case can vary dramatically. In general, a thicker case will offer better protection at the cost of adding a little extra bulkiness. That means that thick cases tend to be the right choice for people that want a lot of protection, those who carry their case in a bag, or those who leave it at home most of the time.
  • Grip: One of the easiest ways to damage an iPad is to drop it, so an iPad 2 case that adds traction can be a good choice. Look for textures that prevent slippage.
  • Weight: Most iPad 2 cases and covers are light enough that you don't need to worry about the weight. It does vary depending on the size and material of the case, and heavy cases tend to be sturdier.
What extra features can an iPad 2 case offer?
  • Integrated stands: Some cases can fold to create a stand for the iPad 2 while it is in use. That is useful for people who read or watch movies on their iPad but is less useful for tasks that require you to hold the device.
  • Waterproofing: This is a vital feature for people who use their iPad 2 while drinking in order to protect against spills.
  • Screen protectors: This part of the case for an iPad 2 goes over the screen, which is one of the most vulnerable parts of the device. It is a good fit for people who leave their iPad 2 out for long periods with the case open, since the rest of the case provides protection while it is closed.
How should you pick an iPad 2 case for kids?

Since kids tend to be clumsy, getting an iPad 2 case for a kid can prevent a lot of damage. Look for a textured grip or a handle to stop them from dropping it, and make sure it is sized to fit in their hands. It can be a good idea to let your kid pick the pattern on the case to make sure they like it and want to use it.