Window Motors and Parts for BMW

BMW is one of the top producers of luxury automobiles. The company makes everything from sedans and crossovers to sports cars and convertibles. No matter what model you own, you may need a new window motor or other parts.

What are power-window motors?

Depending on the age of your vehicle, you may have a power window. Older models generally lack any state-of-the-art features and have a crank on each door. This crank turns, which moves the assembly and causes the glass to slide down into the door or lift up over the top.Power window motors have a type of dependable motor. Vehicles with power windows feature a window regulator that works with the motor and all other parts. Youll use the buttons, collectively called a switch, on the door. One button relates to the glass on the driver side. Other buttons control all the other windows in your car.

Can you use the same parts on any window?

When picking a new window motor and other products, you need to know which parts work with each window. A conversion kit is a type of product that replaces the old crank mechanism. This kit lets you convert the door to work with a switch. You can hook that switch up to each piece of glass or just the one on the driver side.The kit comes with a window motor that you put inside the door. Many BMW models with two rows of seating limit how far down the glass goes in the backseat. The regulator stops the glass from completely rolling down.

What are aftermarket and OEM parts?

Power windows and performance accessories are available for all the series made by the manufacturer. One thing you need to understand is the differences between the manufacturers of those parts.

  • BMW is the company that makes power window accessories specifically designed for each option it offers. These are original equipment manufacturer parts, though most use the term OEM instead of using the full name.
  • Youll also find aftermarket products, which are those that any company can make. Dorman, Bosch, Cardone Industries, and WD Express are a few examples of these manufacturers. These products are compatible with different sedans and other cars.
  • You can also shop for unbranded parts and products. Those products are compatible with your ride but do not have any branding.

What other parts fit BMW windows?

The window motor is just one product that you may need for your BMW. This motor works with your window and with the regulator. When you use any of the buttons or switches on the interior, it tells the window motor, and then the window regulator, what to do next. You will also find other products available like a lift assembly and clips. Clips hold all the pieces and items inside the door that work on the window together. The lift assembly works with the regulator to move your glass to the height you want.