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Wheel Lugs for Volvo

Volvo is known for producing quality cars, wagons, crossovers, and SUVs. One of the things all Volvo drivers have in common is a need to take care of their wheels and their components. If you know what to look for when you are shopping for wheel lug nuts, it will be easy to find the right parts for your Volvo.

What are wheel lugs for a Volvo?

Depending on the model, your Volvo may either use lug bolts or wheel studs and lug nuts. Both systems screw the rims onto the axle, but the way they accomplish this varies.

In the first case, you fit the wheel over the hub of the axle, and long, threaded bolts are inserted through the wheel and into the holes on the hub. If your car uses lug nuts, the wheel studs extend from the axle. The rim fits over the studs, and the nuts screw onto the ends of the studs.

What is the bolt pattern of a Volvo?

This pattern is a set of numbers that tell you how many lugs are on each wheel and the size of the circle they in which they set. Volvo has used three different patterns for their vehicles: 4 x 108, 5 x 108, and 4 x 114.3.

The common Volvo pattern is 5 x 108. This pattern indicates that there are five lug nuts per wheel and they form a circle that is 108 millimeters in diameter. The 4 x 108 pattern is typical of 1992 through 1993 850 models. If you have a car in the 40 series from model years 1998 through 2004, it likely has the 4 x 114.3 pattern.

What is the thread type of Volvo lugs?

However your wheels are attached to the car, both the male and female elements will be threaded. The thread size and pitch of each must match. The most common size for Volvo models is 12 x 1.5. Thus, the diameter of the threaded shaft is 12 millimeters, and the threads are 1.5 millimeters apart.

Volvo also made some models like the 850 with threads of 12 x 1.75. Others like many of the S80s have 14 x 1.5 threads, so you may need to check your owner’s manual to get the specifications for your particular car.

What is the seat type of Volvo lugs?

Volvo factory lug nuts have conical seats. The seat is the part of the lug nut that tightens against the rim. If you switch out the factory rims, you may need to replace the lug nuts. The seat type and the rim must be compatible, or the nut could fail, allowing the wheel to come loose.

What other aspects of Volvo lug nuts should you consider?
  • Length and diameter: If you put wider rims on your car or use wheel spacers, you will need to use longer fasteners. You may need a type of nut called a spline drive if your aftermarket rims have an unusually narrow opening for the nuts to pass through.
  • Wheel locks: If you want to protect your rims from theft, wheel locks are available for Volvo vehicles. You cannot remove a locking lug nut unless you have the corresponding key, and you only need one per wheel.