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Wheel Lugs for Mercedes-Benz

From sporty convertibles to luxury SUVs, Mercedes-Benz stands for class. If you drive a Benz, you probably do not want it dinged and scratched with a couple of missing lugs. Whether you need to replace a missing part, or you are upgrading to custom rims on your car, you can find Mercedes-Benz wheel lugs to suit your style.

What is the bolt pattern of a Mercedes-Benz?

Almost all models of Mercedes across all years have a 5 by 112 pattern. Many of the G-Class vehicles are the exception. They often have a 5 by 130 pattern.

The first number of the pattern is the fastener-per-wheel count, so nearly every Mercedes has five. The second number tells you the diameter of the circle the fasteners form when they are installed on the rims. For the Mercedes, this is either 112 or 130 millimeters.

What are the characteristics of a Mercedes-Benz wheel bolt?

The characteristics that affect the fit of the lug nuts are the thread size, thread pitch, seat type, and length. Your choice of standard or locking styles and color on your car are a matter of personal preference.

  • Thread size and pitch: Thread size on a lug nut is the diameter of the threaded shaft, measured from the outside of the threads. Thread pitch is the measure of how close the threads are to each other.
  • Your Mercedes lug nuts will have thread size and pitch of either 12 by 1.5 or 14 by 1.5, depending on the model and year of production. This means the bolts are either 12 or 14 millimeters in diameter, and the threads are 1.5 millimeters apart.
  • Seat type: The factory bolts on a Mercedes have a ball seat. This is also sometimes called a radius or radial seat. The seat of the lug nut is the part of the fastener between the hex nut and the threaded shaft. Its shape is engineered to fit snugly against the contour of the rim to hold the wheel on securely.
  • Length: Length usually comes into play if you install wide custom rims or wheel spacers. Either of these options will require a longer threaded shaft.
  • Wheel locks: You can help prevent theft of your rims by using wheel locks. They can only be removed with a special key. You only need to use one lock per rim, so you can buy a set of four that comes with one corresponding key.
  • Color and finish: You can view aftermarket lug bolts in silver, chrome or black. You can also find chrome and black covers that pop over the hex heads. This is handy when the old nuts coordinate with your tire and rims in everything but color.