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Wheel Hubs and Bearings for Buick

The wheel hubs and bearings for Buick vehicles play an important role in the function of the wheels. When you need to replace one of these components, there are many options to choose from.

What is a wheel hub assembly for the Buick?

The Buick’s wheel hub assembly consists of multiple components including the wheel hub, the bearings, and the gaskets and seals that help the assembly to function. Some four-wheel drive vehicles will have locking hubs that allow the front tires to keep moving when the 4WD is disengaged. When selecting a wheel hub assembly, you will want to choose one that has the same number of bolts as your wheels.

What does the Buick’s wheel bearing do?

Wheel bearings help the tires reduce friction while supporting the weight of the car. There are three main styles of wheel bearings.

  • Ball/roller-bearings are designed to handle both radial and thrust loads. Ball-bearings typically handle a smaller amount of weight as roller-bearings, and roller-bearings have a cylinder shape that allows it to cover a larger area and heavier weights.
  • Ball/roller-thrust bearings are designed to handle thrust loads at a low speed. The roller style of thrust bearings are able to handle a heavier amount of weight than the ball thrust bearings.
  • Tapered-roller bearings can handle both large radial and thrust loads. This is the most common type of bearing used on cars.
What are tips for selecting a wheel hub or bearing?

Selecting a wheel hub or wheel bearing for your Buick can be overwhelming with the different options. By following these tips, the selection process can be made easier.

  • Select a wheel-bearing that is compatible with your vehicle. You will want to know the make, model, and model year of the car. In some cases you may also want to know the production date. The factory will sometimes change the parts used in the middle of a production year.
  • Select a style. Some wheel hubs are designed to handle a greater load for off-roading or performance purposes. With wheel-bearings, you have the option of selecting between sealed and open-bearing kits.
  • Select a brand. You can choose from various third party and factory direct options that are compatible with your model.
What companies manufacture wheel hubs and bearings for Buick?

When you need to replace a wheel hub or bearing in your Buick, you have many companies to choose from. If you prefer to use original equipment manufacturer parts, you can choose from companies such as ACDelco, Buick, and General Motors. OEM parts are built to factory specifications to fit directly in your Buick. You can also choose from companies like Moog, GSP, AM Autoparts, and other companies that produce aftermarket replacement options. With aftermarket parts, you may need to make adjustments for the replacements to fit properly.