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Water Pumps for Chevrolet

A water pump remains one of those "out of sight, out of mind" parts that keep the engine of a Chevrolet from overheating. No pump lasts forever and, once the pump goes, water and coolant wont be effectively circulating in a necessary manner. Acquiring a new water pump and performing the required replacement can get those high temperatures in the vehicle back down to normal operational levels.

What material is a Chevrolet water pump made from?

A very common material used to make these parts is aluminum. Aluminums attributes include a high resistance to corrosion and strong durability. Those traits prove beneficial when opting to replace any Chevrolet part. Iron is another material used frequently in the creation of these water and coolant circulation pumps.

Do water pump kits come with a seal?

The Chevrolet kits come with a gasket -- possibly an O-ring gasket or one made of steel -- and a seal in order to keep the water and coolant from the radiator from leaking out. The pump requires a seamless fit to where it connects to other components in the engine. When purchasing the irrigation pump by itself and not as part of a kit, the sealing components would need to be acquired separately.

What are standard and reverse rotation water pumps?

Standard and reverse refer to the directions in which the pump turns in the Chevy. Standard and reverse rotations are also called clockwise and counterclockwise rotation respectively. Even though both irrigation parts may fit in the vehicle, only one will work properly. An improper rotation wont allow for the proper amount of water and coolant flow. So, installing a pump with the incorrect rotational direction may cause a car and radiator to overheat. To determine the proper water pump rotation, consult your owners manual.

What other parts may be included with the water pump?

In order to properly circulate water when you drive or idle, the water pump must be affixed correctly to the engine. Several additional components designed to ensure the reliable irrigation of water and coolant may be included with certain kits. Mounting hardware should be included in a kit since this will keep the item securely in place.

Another component that may be included with a water pump is the pulley. Without this particular circular engine component, the part would not be able to function. The engine drive belt moves the pulley, which moves the water pump. A damaged or worn one could undermine the ability of the pump in the engine to work. You can find kits that include all the parts you need to replace the entire water pump system.