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Car and Truck Transmission Rebuild Kits

If you are rebuilding a transmission for your car or truck, there are several accessories necessary to complete the assembly. A transmission rebuild kit can provide the items needed, saving you time and energy by preventing the need to buy them separately. If you are looking for a convenient way to get your vehicle back on the road, take a look at the available rebuild kits for handling your vehicles clutch or automatic transmission.

What components are included in a transmission rebuild kit?

The exact items you will need for the transmission rebuild will depend on if you have an automatic transmission or a manual one. While the repair part sizes and styles may be different, the items used in all cars and trucks include filters, seals, bearings, gaskets, pistons, plates, and lines for fluids. A manual transmission rebuild kit may also include frictions and items for the clutch. Be sure to buy the correct rebuild kit and get the right parts by verifying your vehicles make, model, and trim style.

What brands of rebuild kits are available?

Automatic transmission repair parts for your vehicle as well as rebuild kits for manual clutch transmissions may be available from aftermarket companies or the original equipment manufacturers. Both types are designed to fit your vehicleu001as specifications. The only differences you may find between the rebuild kit types include the materials used and the location of manufacture. You may also be able to get repair items for your stick or automotive transmission from other brands including Ford, Chevy, Pioneer, and ATP.

Do the rebuild kits include instruction manuals for assembly?

While not all of the rebuild kits include instruction manuals, you may be able to find some transmission rebuild kits for your car or truck that do include instructions. Since the transmission is a critical part of your vehicle, you will want to have proper instructions for putting it together. If you are unsure of how to use the rebuild kit, have a qualified mechanic help you to repair or rebuild your transmission.

What materials are the parts made of?

Your plates, seals, gaskets, filters, frictions, and other repair parts from the original manufacturer of the vehicle and transmission will be made from the same materials as your existing transmission. The OEM rebuild accessories are also made at the same factory and to the same specifications. The materials in your parts for the rebuild include steel, rubber, aluminum, copper, and platinum. Although your aftermarket transmission kit may have repair parts made from different materials, they are designed to fit your manual or automatic transmission.