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Tire Accessories for Jeeps

There are a variety of accessories available for your Jeep that can be used to make it safer. Various accessories, including spare tire covers and pressure gauges, are easy to store with the car and can help you maintain the condition of your car and its parts. There are many options for the accessories available, ensuring that buyers can find the right products to suit your needs and the style of your car as well.

How do you care for a spare tire cover?

Protect your spare tire from dirt, rocks, the sun, and other conditions with a spare tire cover made of durable vinyl, and it is easy to clean. Mix a solution of soap and water and scrub the cover with a sponge or rag. Let it dry by air. However, be sure to remove the spare tire cover before entering an automated car wash to keep the cover in good condition. Vinyl protectant can also be applied to a clean spare tire cover to protect it from UV and weather effects.

What size spare tire cover do you need?

The size of the spare tire on your car may vary depending on your vehicle and preferred tires, so it is important to take the measurements of your spare tire to ensure that you purchase a cover that fits snugly. A tire measurement will be printed on the face of the spare, listing the tire width in millimeters, the aspect ratio, and the wheel diameter in inches.

  • Multiply the width in millimeters by the aspect ratio as a decimal, which will give you the height of the sidewall in millimeters.
  • Convert the sidewall height into inches.
  • Multiply the sidewall height by two to account for both sidewalls.
  • Add the totaled sidewall height to the wheel diameter to get your tire diameter.
  • With the calculated diameter, choose a spare tire cover that fits with a corresponding measurement.
How does a tire pressure monitoring system work?

A TPMS works electronically to notify you when any of your tires are low in pressure and are in need of maintenance. A TPMS fits in the wheel or brake system and works by either measuring the tire pressure or measuring the pressure through indicators like the wheel speed sensors. If the system senses that the pressure is low, it will trigger the indicator light on your dashboard.

What spare tire cover options are there?
  • Design: A spare cover can add character to your Jeep. There are many designs available, including custom options, patterns, embroidery, logos, etc. There are also many colors, from black or red to metallic silver to neon colors.
  • Coverage: Some covers encase the entire spare tire, whereas others leave the rim in the center of the tire visible. For some rims, this may be an option for your spare.
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