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Sun Visors for the Hyundai

Sun visors are easy to install and offer many advantages for your Hyundai vehicle. They can do everything from shading your eyes to keeping out UV rays. If your car needs new or replacement visors, you have many available options.

How do sun visors work?

Sun visors help give drivers and passengers protection from the sun. On hot days, visors help keep your vehicle cool. Sun visors can help protect your hands from painfully hot steering wheels. Certain types also help keep others from seeing into your car when its parked. Here are the main types:

  • Attached: Built-in sun visors attach to a hinge arm in the cabin over the cars windshield. They fold up to the car roof when not in use and bend at various angles as needed to block the sun. Many attached sun visors include built-in mirrors and storage pockets. If mirror, pocket, or hinge parts break, you can replace these parts separately.
  • Mesh Inserts: You can place these inserts in your cars side windows. As long as the mesh does not block visibility, you can leave inserts in place while driving. Because inserts rest snugly in the frames, you can also leave car windows open. The mesh will protect your car from both sun and road debris.
  • Foldable Visors: Foldable cloth or cardboard visors help keep your Hyundai cool while its parked in the hot sun. This visor type rests on the dash and behind the rear seats. Visors with suction cups will stick directly to the windows. These foldable covers also conceal the contents of your Hyundai from passersby. When searching for this Hyundai part, keep the width of your windshield in mind.
How can you find visors for your vehicle?

If you want new sun visors for your Hyundai vehicle, there are a few key factors youll want to keep in mind:

  • Model: Hyundai Motor Company releases a broad range of cars each year. For all sun visor types, you will want to search by model. The sizes and shapes of windows and windshields can vary considerably depending on the model.
  • Year: Within Hyundai models, the size of your vehicle may also vary by year. If so, sun visor sizes may also vary.
  • Trim: In some cases, trim may affect interior sizes and sun shade options.
  • Side: Because the left and right sides of visors attach differently, the two sides are not interchangeable. This only applies to attached types.
  • Custom Visor: You may want to look at custom options such as lighted mirrors.
  • Appearance: Many Hyundai models allow a range of interior color options. You can choose default gray or other colors. New visors give you the chance to make a statement in terms of color and design.