Botões de Mudança de carro e caminhão e Botas para BMW

Shift Knobs for BMW

Shifting gears in your vehicle enables you to travel over a variety of terrains at many different speeds. Having a shift knob for your BMW allows you to shift with ease. With a wide variety of shift knobs to choose from, there is sure to be something that will suit your needs.

What are BMW shift knobs for?

A shift knob, also called a gearstick, is a lever typically made of metal with a plastic or metal gripping handle. It attaches to the shift assembly in your vehicle, both for manual and automatic transmission vehicles, and is used to shift gears. For manual transmission cars, the clutch pedal is pushed down to disengage the engine from the vehicle’s wheels. Then, the gearstick is moved around to shift the gears into a different mode. Automatic transmission and semi-automatic transmission vehicles do not have a clutch because the car does this automatically. They do still have the gearstick to shift gears.

How do you change a BMW shift knob?

You can easily change your shift knob:

  1. Locate the gear shift knob and determine whether it unscrews through threads or through a set screw.
  2. Turn the knob counterclockwise to remove or unscrew the screw, keeping it in place.
  3. Install the new shift knob into your vehicle by threading it back on in the clockwise direction. You can also screw in the holding screw at the base of the knob.
How do you know what size shift knob you need?

Different sizes of threads come with different shift knobs, and each make and model of car can require a different thread size. Thus, it is important to find the proper size before purchasing any replacement or luxury shift sticks for your car. This information can be found in the users manual for your BMW.

Why are BMW shift knobs weighted?

A weighted shift knob entirely replaces the OEM shift knob. First designed to be used with a short shifter, it is also used in stick shift cars. The weight varies depending on the material used. The principle of the weighted shift knob is to make the stick shifter top heavy, thus increasing the throw momentum to decrease time between shifts.

Do all shift knobs have the BMW logo?

Many of these shifters do have the BMW logo on them. If you prefer to have a quick reference for where each gear speed is, you can also find shifters with a small diagram on the top. The knobs are available in a wide variety of materials, including metal, hard plastic, and leather.