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Replace Old Seating in a RAM With Replacement Vehicle Seats

The RAM pickup truck has spacious seats that have top-quality upholstery. When a seat no longer looks top-quality, you can swap it with any of the seating options on eBay that are made for Dodge vehicles. RAM interior truck seats can also be used during an upgrade routine since theyre designed with enhanced comfort features.

What are the product options?

Seating products on eBay may be OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or aftermarket pieces. Aftermarket options should be considered if you want an item thats processed and built by a third-party company. These parts can provide the same results as original parts because theyre manufactured with premium components. A variety of aftermarket seats, compared with original seats, can offer similar comfort and support levels. OEM seats are designed by Dodge; these products will provide a snug fit since theyre developed and built at the companys manufacturing facilities.

You may wish to check with the vendor to make sure the seating youre considering will provide the safety features you want, or that it will be compatible with safety equipment, such as seat belts, already installed in your vehicle.

What are the placement options?

On eBay, there are dozens of RAM vehicle seats that have different measurements and layouts. Product engineers and aftermarket companies make seats in various sizes, so motorists and automotive technicians can strategically place different options securely in proper spots in a cabin. Many interior products will fit:

  • On the drivers side
  • On the passengers side
  • In the back of the cabin
What are the color and material options?

Because RAM vehicles from different eras may have unique color schemes, many seats that are made for general cabins have common upholstery-design elements. On eBay, youll find dozens of front and back seats that have brown, gray, white, or black upholstery. These colors are typically featured on cloth and leather seats.

What are some general seat features?

The main feature that makes the seats comfortable is the foam cushioning. When compared to other padding options, foam provides a higher level of comfort because the material has the ability to change its shape. Also, after someone sits on a seat for many hours, the foam padding will return to its original layout, so the next passenger can experience soothing levels of comfort.

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