Segurança de carros e caminhões

Car and Truck Anti-Theft Devices

Stolen and broken-in vehicles are a daily occurrence. There are, however, ways to deter thieves from targeting your car or truck. A simple and effective way to protect your vehicle is to use an anti-theft device.

What is an anti-theft device?

An anti-theft device is a mechanical or electronic system which protects your car or truck from unauthorized entry or use. There is a wide variety of available options available that can help prevent your vehicle from being stolen.

Steering wheel locks are useful because they are visible from the outside, giving a potential thief a hint to stay away. Other variations of this device include gear shift locks and brake pedal locks. If you are concerned about a thief stealing your car battery or other car parts, hood locks prevent someone from lifting the hood of your vehicle.

Systems that will not allow your car to be hot-wired are a great way to keep your property safe. An engine immobilizer is an electronic system that will not let the car start without using the correct key or token.

Other electronic systems track your car if it is stolen. These devices provide you with the location of your vehicle.

How do you choose anti-theft protection options?

The right system for you depends on a few factors. One important question to ask yourself before purchase is where your car will be parked.

If you reside in a low-crime area, a car alarm and immobilizer might be all you need to keep your vehicle safe. If you live or park your car in high-crime areas, consider investing in several devices or an advanced system like a tracking device .

Another factor to keep in mind when purchasing a security system is the model and age of your vehicle. Many late-model cars come pre-installed with car alarms, but you might want to add a more visible feature, such as a wheel lock, which will immediately discourage potential thieves.

How can you protect your car against theft?

Thieves prefer to steal cars that are easy to break in to. Installing one or more of the following systems can lower the risk of having your property stolen.

  1. Steering wheel locks are a simple but effective tool to protect your car. If properly installed, an unauthorized person will not be able to turn the steering wheel.
  2. Electronic immobilizers can reduce the chance of having your car stolen. An immobilizer will not allow the engine to start unless the correct key or token is present.
  3. Consider investing in a kill switch. These switches shut down part of a cars electrical system, preventing it from starting.
  4. A tracking system uses GPS and allows you to find the real-time location of a stolen car or truck. Tracking systems use hidden transmitters that activate if a car is reported as stolen.