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Oil Filters for a Maserati

Oil helps keep your Maseratis engine running smoothly, protecting its parts, reducing friction, and preventing it from overheating. It essentially protects your engine. An effective oil filter will keep oil clean and working well.

What does an oil filter do?

An oil filter helps protect your engine, hydraulics, transmission, and lubricating oils because it removes contaminants from the oil. Filters remove dust, dirt, metal, soot, water, and more. By getting rid of the contaminants, the filter helps ensure that your car and engine are running as smoothly as possible.

Are oil filters specific to your vehicle?

Oil filters, just like oil, are specific to the car you drive. Filters are dependent on the type of oil your vehicle requires, the type of engine it has, and how old or new your vehicle is. It also depends on what type of oil you are filtering. Keep in mind that not all filters will work as effectively as others. Check your owners manual to make sure you purchase a filter that works for your vehicle and your needs.

How often should an oil filter be replaced?

It is typically recommended that you change your engine oil filter every time or every other time you change the oil in your Maseratis engine. Oil changes are recommended every 3,000 miles or every three months, whichever occurs first. Therefore, you should be changing your oil filter about four times a year. If you are changing the filter yourself, make sure that you are properly disposing of the old filter. Check with your local authorities on where used filters can be disposed.

How do you know if you need a new filter?

There are a few things to check for if you think you may need a new filter, including the following:

  • Your car is having performance issues.
  • Your engine is making unusual noises, such as sputtering or the sound of metal grinding.
  • Your car emits dark exhaust.
  • There is a drop in oil pressure.
What kind of oil filter is right for a Maserati?

When dealing with a luxury vehicle, it is important that you use a quality oil and a quality oil filter. Contemporary vehicles typically operate well with a synthetic oil. A genuine Maserati filter or factory oil filter will help keep your Maserati in peak performance. Your Maserati owners manual will indicate what size and type of oil filter your car requires.