Floor Mats and Carpets for BMW

Floor mats and carpets can enhance the appearance of a vehicles interior and add protection for the floors. Floor mats and carpets for BMWs have been manufactured by a wide range of brands, including 3D MAXpider, Husky Liners, Lloyd Mats, and Intro-Tech Automotive. These mats and carpets are available for all BMW makes and models.

What BMW floor mat designs are available?

BMW floor mats are cut so that the padding can fit along the grooves on the vehicles floor. These floor mats come in a wide range of styles to match a variety of BMW upholstery and trim types. Some of these mats are branded with the BMW logo or come in different textures and patterns.

What materials are mats and liners made of?

The two main material options for BMW floor mats are rubber and carpet.

  • Rubber: This is a type of polymeric substance that has elastic properties and is produced directly from the sap of a Hevea tree. However, there are many different types of rubber, including synthetic rubber that is man-made. These mats are typically black or gray. The rubber floor mats available for you to select from contain multiple grooves and crevices, which can be configured in different patterns.
  • Carpet: This is a type of textile floorcovering that usually contains an upper layer of fabric and a bottom layer of rubber or similar material. The top layer is referred to as a pile and can be made from materials like polyester, nylon, or wool. Carpets can be produced in a variety of ways, such as the tufted method, knotted method, woven method, or needle-felt method. These carpets come in a wide array of colors.
What colors are floor mats available in?

Floor mats and carpets for vehicles come in a large number of color options, such as black and beige. Some of the additional color options that you can select from include blue, burgundy, charcoal, maroon, green, tan, white, and teal. Some of these items are also available in multiple colors with combinations of red and gray and yellow and black.

How do you select a floor mat or carpet?

Floor mats and carpets for BMW vehicles can be classified as aftermarket or OEM. If the floor mat that you are looking at is an aftermarket product, that means that it may have been made by a range of different brands, such as Lloyd Mats or Husky Liners. An OEM product is one that has been made by the original manufacturer of the vehicle in question, which in this case, is BMW. Floor mats are designed by BMW to match your specific model.

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