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Car & Truck Fender Flares

Fender Flares for Wheel Protection and Style

If you want to upgrade your cars fenders for drives around town or expeditions in the wilderness, you might find the solution youre looking for among the new and used fender flares in this eBay category. To make sure that you pick out the right option from the inexpensive models that are available, consult these answers to commonly asked customer questions.

What types of fender flares are available?

While there are a variety of fender flare models for all sorts of different vehicles and tire sizes, they all serve the purpose of protecting your car from debris. Some of the styles of fenders that are offered include:

  • OE style: OE style fenders are designed to look just like the fenders that your car was equipped with when it rolled off the factory floor. While these fenders are usually made by companies other than your cars original manufacturer, they are styled just the same as the original products.
  • Street style: Fenders that are street style are somewhat different from OE style fenders, but they are still relatively subtle. They are designed to give your car a smooth and cultured look while you drive around the streets of your hometown or a big city.
  • Pocket style: These heavy-duty fenders have bolts that are clearly visible. They are often quite rugged in appearance, and they are usually larger than other types of fenders.
Which textures do these fender flares have?

There are a few different textures in which your fenders may be finished. These styles include:

  • Rugged: Fenders with rugged textures have rough, bumpy exteriors. While rugged textures are largely for show, they also blend right in with the inevitable mud that appears on off-road expeditions.
  • Matte: Fenders with matte textures have shine-free textures. Since they arent glossy and they dont have any special texturing, fenders with this type of texture are ideal for painting.
  • Glossy: Fenders with this type of texture are bright and shiny.
How do you pick the right fenders?

Since the versatile fender flares in this category are for different trucks and cars, the first step youll need to take is finding a model that is compatible with your vehicle. From there, youll need to pick between the different styles and textures that are offered.