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Car & Truck Engine Valve Covers for Oldsmobile

Valve Covers for Oldsmobile

The valve cover is attached to the engine of your Oldsmobile. Its primary purposes are to prevent oil leaks and keep debris from entering the engine. If your Oldsmobile valves are worn, rusted, or even slightly damaged, you should consider replacing them as soon as possible.

Can you get OEM Oldsmobile engine valve covers?

You can get the exact aluminum valves you want for your Oldsmobile from the General Motors company. When choosing these genuine OEM parts, you simply have to match the part numbers and order.

If you want to consider other options, there are many unbranded, private label, and aftermarket branded products available. You will need to decide which products you want on your vehicle because each part will likely give you the results you want. Some of the other producers of aluminum products for this GM line of cars include:

  • DNJ Engine Components.
  • Percys High Performance
  • Dorman
  • Trans Dapt
  • Quick Fuel Technology
Are there fitting options available?

You can choose a product that is ready to be installed. These direct replacement parts should look and act just like the original pieces when the vehicle was produced. If you want to upgrade or change the look and function of the aluminum valves on your automobile, you can choose the performance style. If you choose this installation option, be sure to check that the parts will be compatible with your model of Oldsmobile.

Can you get chrome valve covers?

You can get chrome valve covers and air cleaner kits to fit the Oldsmobile 455 engines. These chrome products will help to improve the look under the hood and provide it with the necessary safety to keep your engine in good condition for a long time.

The covers are available for typical aluminum valves and small block vehicles as well.

Can you get valve covers for a 1964 Oldsmobile?

It is possible to find replacement parts from many manufacturers. There is a selection of baffled and tall styles to choose from. The purpose is to give enough room for the roller rockers. They are typically made of steel with an aluminum finish. Most of them are with a hole style 1.25" push-in.

Are the covers made from sheet metal?

Some of the valve covers that fit these vehicles are made from sheet metal. They are typically TIG welded and lightweight. They will usually fit Oldsmobile engine sizes 330, 350, 403, 400, 425, and 455 ten-hole heads. Many of these products also come with rubber baffles.