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Car & Truck Cup Holders for Pontiac

Pontiac Cup Holders

As a driver, you’re probably well aware of how important it is to not be distracted while you’re behind the wheel. It’s easy to become distracted with food and beverages if you’re in desperate need to eat on the go. Luckily, there are different types of cup holders that you can purchase for your Pontiac in order to minimize those distractions.

What is a cup holder?

Drink mounts are designed to be mounted in your vehicle, usually in the window or attached to the dashboard. These are designed for a sturdy hold and easy access for the driver. Placing your drink or beverage in one of these holders is a safe way to keep your hot or cold liquids secure.

What are the benefits of cup holders?
  • Convenience: Drink mounts are lightweight, meant to be placed in easily accessible locations, and easy to install.
  • Hands-free: Placing your beverage in the holder between sips allows you to stay focused and to keep your hands free while driving.
  • Multipurpose: Cup holders are not limited to using for drinks only. You can easily place a cell phone or small food item in them as well.
  • Avoid spills: A hot beverage falling into your lap while driving can be extremely dangerous. Using a holder will ensure that your drink is secure and stable.
How do you install a cup holder?

Most of the holders are so simple to install that they don’t even require instructions. Many of them only have a single picture that shows where to place them. If the mount that you choose is meant for the window, you simply insert the hook of your holder into the narrow space between the glass of the window and the door, and you’re all done. You can easily take it out and move it around the door of your car as needed.

What are cup holders made of?
  • Plastic: The plastic used for these holders is lightweight and durable enough to withstand the temperature of hot cups.
  • Stainless steel: This material is easy to clean and is meant to last for a very long time.
  • Combination: The use of these two materials together allows you to take advantage of all of these benefits.
How do cup holders help keep vehicles clean?

With the reduced risk of splashing your liquids into your lap, you also reduce the risk of spilling them onto the interior of your car. Some drinks, like water, are quite easy to clean, but other beverages, like coffee or soda, may leave a stain or odor if not properly cleaned. Using these structures can also help you to avoid any costly damage that the hot drinks could do to your interior.