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Car & Truck Condensers & Evaporators for Kenworth

Condensers and Evaporators for Kenworth

Condenser and evaporators are essential to the operation of your Kenworth truck’s air conditioning system. If either of them fails, the air conditioner won’t be able to cool your truck. You can find the correct replacements for your Kenworth model and learn more about them before purchasing.

What is an air conditioning condenser?

The condenser is similar to a radiator except that it’s designed to cool hot refrigerant gas. It’s called a condenser because the gas returns to a liquid state when cooled. The refrigerant passes through a network of tubes, and air flows between the tubes. Heat is transferred to the air, cooling the refrigerant as it circulates. It then leaves the condenser and returns to the evaporator.

What is the evaporator?

The evaporator is also like a radiator. Liquid refrigerant passes through a network of tubes while air flows through it. The air transfers heat to the liquid and cools off. This cool air is drawn into the cabin of your truck to cool the climate inside. Inside the evaporator, the liquid is heated by the airflow until it returns to a gaseous state. This is why the unit is called the evaporator.

What kind of symptoms indicate a failed condenser?
  • Lack of cool air: The amount of refrigerant that can circulate through the condenser can be restricted by damage or clogging. When this happens, the entire system will run slower and produce less cool air. If you notice this, the condenser’s circulation is one thing to check as the potential problem.
  • Leaks: A damaged or corroded condenser can leak refrigerant. If any leakage is noticeable, the condenser will need to be replaced.
What kind of symptoms indicate a failed evaporator?
  • No cooling: When the A/C fails to produce cold air, it can be caused by the temperature switch in the evaporator. The switch triggers the compressor to turn on and off, which forces refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser. If the switch fails, the system wont run.
  • Intermittent cooling: A failing temperature switch can also cause the A/C compressor to turn on and off at random. The result will be an intermittent functioning of the entire system. If you notice the air conditioning working sometimes and not at other times, check the temperature switch.
  • Refrigerant leaks: Leaks can happen when the evaporator is damaged or corroded. They are less obvious than when they happen in the condenser because the refrigerant is a gas in the evaporator. If you can smell this gas escaping the system, the evaporator is one component to check for leaks.