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Car & Truck Condensers & Evaporators for Freightliner

Condenser & Evaporator for Freightliner

Many reputable brands manufacture condenser products for Freightliner. Well-known manufacturers include Spectra Premium, Universal Air Conditioner, and Vevor. These products can handle harsh environmental elements and intense driving conditions as engineers use commercial-grade alloys to construct unit housings.

What does a condenser do?In Freightliner trucks and other vehicles, the condenser is essential for the heating and cooling system, as it condenses refrigerant vapor into liquid. It also includes a built-in compressor thats designed to raise the pressure of the refrigerant. Without this system, effective cooling isnt possible. What are the design specifications for condensers?

Condensers are made from a solid metal slab, and this sturdy material protects the main hardware underneath the housing. Along the central portion of the housing, there is a grill that effectively prevents air circulation problems. Because many HVAC options are available, manufacturers must design specific pieces strategically for hardware used with certain kinds of Freightliners. You will find condensers that fit a variety of vehicles built from 1997 to 2000. Business class options designed for 2002 to 2010 Freightliners are also available.

What are the mounting perks?

Because condensers are constructed out of durable aluminum frames, the process of mounting everything in place is not a hassle. All condenser parts have drilled spots for mounting components, so you can implement mounting procedures without any delay whether you use hand tools or power tools. Once screws and other fasteners are adequately secured, they will not weaken as the aluminum alloy on a condensers housing holds the parts firmly in place. Also, strategic adjustments are not required throughout the mounting phase since condenser engineers build each unit with a practical core size so that the housing fits snugly around vital air conditioning components. If you need information about proper condenser measurements for the HVAC equipment in your Freightliner, merely review the owners manual for the vehicle.

What parts are available for condenser products?

Evaporator heater core parts are available for maintenance situations. These items can increase temperature levels in a cabin by directing hot air to various zones. You can acquire an evaporator core as an assembly kit. Fan parts are options for Freightliner condensers as well. Fans perform with efficiency after they are equipped as engineers use mechanisms that suit specific kinds of HVAC units. Valve products are beneficial during tricky maintenance situations. If you need additional condenser operational perks, you could equip one of the valve expansion parts for a Freightliner. A general valve block has a solid, metal housing and four ports for condenser hardware components. Other accessories worth considering are coils for evaporator and heating mechanisms. All condenser products are dependable and can be used confidently in a vehicle that has a 7.2-liter engine.