Things to Consider Before Choosing a Camera Tripod for Samsung

Photography stands are made to accommodate a variety of cameras and smartphones that are equipped with photography apps. The right stand can help you get a clearer shot when photographing subjects that are not moving. When shooting moving objects, not having to worry about a constant shake from your hands can be a relief.

What types of tripods are offered for Samsung Galaxy phones?

Tripods mounts are equipped with three legs to hold your photography device or your Samsung Galaxy phone. Types of Samsung tripods offered include:

  • Lightweight: There are various universal stands available for both filming devices and Samsung mobile phones. These tripods are often made of aluminum and have lightweight features.
  • Monopods: Others are known as monopods and can be converted into tripods by the use of mounting a small tripod stand to the bottom.
  • Heavy duty: These stands are made of a stronger material than aluminum. With the stronger build, these stands are often used when traveling and when shooting outdoors or in harsh conditions.
What are some features of the varying tripods?

The stands are universal and come in a variety of lengths that can range from 6.5 inches to 50 inches or more. There are locks located on the legs of the stand that can be loosed to shift each leg to your desired length. Constructed into the build of each stand is a bubble indicator that will level out according to the angle of the mount. The head of the stand can tilt in three different panning directions, and the overall head can do a full 360-degree turn.

What accessories can come with the tripod mount?

The tripod mount accessories may include:

  • Remote shutter: To allow you to snap photos hands-free, you may find a remote shutter button included in the packaging of your stand. Remote shutters also help you obtain steady shots. They can in eliminating the shake that may happen when pressing the shutter button with your hand on your smartphone or camera. The remote shutter connects through Bluetooth, and there is no need to download any other app for it to function properly.
  • Carrying case: Many stands are compact and come with their own carrying case for portability purposes. With the case, you can transport your stand over your shoulder by use of the included strap.
  • Interchangeable mounts: Stands may come with a variety of mounts to allow you to substitute your phone for a camera that may be better suitable for your filming preferences.