A Viewfinder to get the Shot you Want

The Olympus PEN is a four thirds system digital camera that can be fitted with an optional electronic viewfinder (EVF) that slides into the camera's hot shoe. There were a number of different model Olympus camera viewfinders made; most of them are compatible with most digital Olympus PEN cameras.

How does the viewfinder work?

When the view finder is slotted into the hot shoe of the camera, it mates to a small female connector that is normally concealed behind a cover which doubles as a hot shoe cap. The EVF itself also includes a cap to protect its corresponding male connector. When the caps are removed, they can be slotted together for safe keeping. The connector provides electronic connections with which to provide a live view signal that is similar to that of the LCD display but at a significantly higher resolution. The EVF assembly also includes a mechanism to provide smooth adjustment through a 90-degree arc, allowing for viewing anywhere from directly behind to directly above the PEN camera's body.

Why do I need an electronic viewfinder?

There are a number of advantages when shooting your footage using a viewfinder, such as:

  • An EVF can be used indoors and outdoors and is particularly useful when you are capturing images in direct sunlight to avoiding the glare that is often found on a camera's rear LCD monitor.
  • An eye-level finder allows for more stable shooting because placing the camera to your eye gives a third contact point and steadier control.
  • The EVF has a quick refresh rate to minimize ghosting on fast-moving subjects.

What features can I expect from the Viewfinder?

Although the features may differ slightly between the different model Olympus electronic view finders, some of these features will be present in all the models:

  • The EVF has 1.48x magnification, 100% field of view, and a 2.36 million pixel resolution LCD.
  • The eye-sensor recognizes when your eye is at the EVF and can automatically turn on the EVF and turn off the rear LCD.
  • The viewfinder tilts up 90 degrees to enable waist level and low-angle shooting.
  • The EVF allows for steady eye-level composition.
  • You can adjust the brightness and contrast in seven increments through the camera's menu.
  • The viewfinder has a built-in diopter adjustment from -4 to +2 for easy viewing with or without eyeglasses.