Camera Cables & Adapters

Camera Power Cables and Adapters to Juice Up Your Electronics

Probably the most frequently used and underappreciated accessories that come with a camera kit, such as with the Kodak EasyShare line, are probably the charging cables and adapters. They may be in the form of USB cables or dedicated power adapters and are essential to keeping your digital camera powered. Purchasing at least one compatible spare is a good idea, considering that losing the ability to charge eventually renders the camera inoperable.

What Is Kodak EasyShare?

  • Cameras: The earliest models from the EasyShare line were cameras that ranged in size and type. Some were small point-and-shoot digital cameras with rechargeable batteries and USB data transfer capabilities through the USB port. Others include larger DSLR-like digital cameras that also support USB cable data transfer and have large sensors but with the ease of use of a point-and-shoot.
  • Printers: The product line also carried photo printers, which could dock a digital camera and print the photos right there. Compatible printers and cameras were integrated through built-in software, and these printers also had the option of printing through memory cards.
  • Photo Frames: The other type of product in the lineup is the photo frame. The M, W, D, and S series have their own specialties, such as the W-Series, which stood for wireless digital photo frames that could pull photos from a Wi-Fi connection to a PC or the Internet. Another is the M-Series, which stood for multimedia and could play slideshows and videos.

How Do I Find a Power Cable and Adapter?

  • Know the Model: The model of your camera and adapter is essential to finding the right cables. However, if youre just looking for a charging cable and your camera charges via USB, then searching for a standard USB connector is a good start. For instance, the M883 digital camera can charge with a USB cable when attached to an accessory called a USB/A/V adapter that plugs into the bottom of the camera.
  • Know the Specs: Devices with a dedicated charging adapter may need a more thorough evaluation. Check for the model number of the charging adapter, and take note of the voltage, amperage, and wattage rating of the adapter. Making sure these specifications match is key.
  • Check the Connector Format: When looking to buy a cable or adapter, study the type of connector your camera uses. If it uses a DC power connector, you may need to ascertain the diameter of the connector using calipers to ensure you choose compatible adapters.

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