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Callaway Iron Set Golf Clubs

Callaway is a well-known name in the golfing industry. The company is responsible for creating the Big Bertha driver and also manufactures state-of-the-art irons. These irons are designed to help you achieve more accurate and forgiving shots on the golf course.

Which clubs come in a Callaway iron set?

The clubs in each set will vary, but many of the sets come with all irons from the three-iron through the nine-iron as well as a pitching wedge. You can add additional wedges to a Callaway set if you wish. You can also choose hybrid sets, which are a combination of traditional metals and woods.

What features do Callaway irons include?

One of the key features of most Callaway clubs is that they tend to work well even when you mishit the shot. The majority of the sets include oversized irons that will help keep poor shots from straying off course. The oversized head also improves the chances of making solid contact from difficult lies. Callaway has many iron sets available for men, women, and young players, so youre bound to be able to find the right irons for your game.

Can you purchase left-handed Callaway Golf irons?

Yes, you can find left-handed iron sets for both men and women. The clubs are identical to the right-handed sets except that the head’s position is reversed.

What type of shafts are available?

You have the option to choose regular, stiff, or extra-stiff shafts. Some additional flexes may also be available. The preferred shaft for you will basically depend on your swing speed. Men and women with slower swings tend to succeed more with regular flex clubs. Conversely, players who hit the ball long tend to prefer playing with stiffer shafts.

Callaway Golf also offers many iron sets in steel and graphite. The graphite shafts typically weigh less and produce a faster swing speed. That could help you hit the ball farther. The steel shafts weigh a little more than graphite ones, but they often produce more accurate shots.

How do you take care of Callaway clubs?

From the Big Bertha driver to the GBB Epic irons, you can care for them on your own. It is recommended that you promptly remove as much dirt and debris from every surface before you put any Calloway golf clubs back into your bag. You can use a special tool that cleans the grooves of the head, such as a wire or plastic brush. If you really want them to shine, you can use some club-head cleaner on them.

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