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Bumpers for Pontiac Grand Am

The Pontiac Grand Am began as a midsize sedan and was later updated in its design to be more of a compact vehicle. All of the generations of Grand Ams were built in Pontiac, Michigan, and other automotive assembly plants, and they feature 6.6- to 7.5-liter V-8 engines and four-speed manual or automatic transmissions. Here are some tips on choosing the right replacement or upgrade bumper for your Grand Am.

How do you choose bumpers for a Pontiac Grand Am?
  • Select the model year of your Pontiac Grand Am: Pontiac produced the cars in three separate runs from 1973 to 1975, 1978 to 1980, and 1985 to 2005. Each generation of cars within those runs has different bumper sizes and styles.
  • Choose a material for the bumper: Choose bumpers made of rubber, plastic, or alloy.
  • Select a manufacturer: You could select Pontiac as the Original Equipment Manufacturer for the parts. You could also select Pontiac Grand Am parts made by companies that include Aftermarket Products, Chevrolet, Dorman, General Motors, and Keystone Automotive Operations. There are also custom and unbranded bumpers that can be had for these vehicles.
What are the features of Pontiac Grand Am bumpers?
  • Primed for fog lamps: The Grand Am bumpers have cutouts that are primed to fit around fog lamps. This makes their installation faster and eliminates the need to drill through the replacement parts in order to install fog lights.
  • Resistance to rust and corrosion: Bumpers for the Pontiac Grand Am are designed to be resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Absorbs energy from impacts: The absorption of energy reduces damage to the body of the car and might help lower injuries from accidents. The bumpers also minimize damage when you drive into a barrier, guardrail, or shopping cart at a slow rate of speed.
What are the types of Pontiac Grand Am bumpers?

There are several different types of bumpers that you might consider as replacement parts for your Grand Am. One type of Grand Am bumper is the absorber, which is made of rubber and fits around the metal body of the vehicle. The bumper protector for the Pontiac is a smaller strip that wraps around the edges of the metal frame. There are also Grand Am bumper covers, which fully wrap around the bottom 6 to 10 inches of the front and back ends. You can also select bumper reinforcements and bumper brackets that fit onto or under the bumpers of the Grand Am for holding license plates or adding rigidity to the bumpers. Many Grand Am bumpers are black in color, but you can also select bumpers custom-painted to match the body of your Pontiac.