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Lexus IS250 Bumpers

The Lexus IS250 is a luxury executive compact sedan produced by the Lexus division of the Toyota automotive company of Japan. An important part of any car is the bumpers, as these protect vital components from minor accidents. A collision, wear and tear, or an impact with an object might necessitate replacement bumpers for the Lexus.

What are the features of bumpers for the Lexus IS250?
  • Openings for fog lights, head lights, taillights, and exhaust: The front and back bumpers contain openings so that the pieces fit around the vehicles fog, head, and taillights. They also fit around the brake lights and turn signals. For the back bumpers, there are cutouts for fitment around the tail pipes.
  • Finish that is resistant to rust and corrosion: The finish of the front and back bumpers is resistant to rust and corrosion. This helps to protect the metal body parts when driving through puddles or roads that have been treated with salt or brine. The polypropylene and primed parts are also resistant to the corrosive substances contained in automotive fluids.
  • Inclusion of the Lexus logo: The integrated bumper and grille parts for the front of the Lexus sedan include the Lexus logo. The styling of the logo on these combination assemblies varies based on the model year that the grille is made for.
How do you choose bumpers for the Lexus IS250?
  • Select the year of production of your Lexus: Select the year that your Lexus was produced. From year to year and over each generation, the Lexus may have styling changes and different fitments for the bumpers.
  • Choose the trim level of your car: The F sport, SportCross, and other trim levels have different styles of bumpers.
  • Select a manufacturer for the parts: Select Lexus as the original equipment manufacturer of the front and back bumpers for the car. There are also parts made by other manufacturers, including aftermarket products, Keystone Automotive Operations, Prozone, and Toyota. You can also select private label or unbranded bumpers for your car.
What are the types of bumpers for the IS250 sedan?

The rear bumper will almost always contain cutouts for the taillights, brake lights, and muffler tips. For the front of the Lexus, there are bumper chin parts, which fit onto the bottom edge of the front of the vehicle. You can also select upper bumper pieces, that fit above the chin and wrap around up to the headlights. There are also bumper and grille combination kits, which include the plastic and rubber bumper as well as the metal grille that fits across the center of the Lexus and allows for engine heat dissipation.