Brodart Book Covers

Brodart offers supplies to protect and preserve books. Whether you work in a library or have your own personal library, Brodart is a name to know. One of their popular product lines is a selection of protective book jacket covers.

What is the purpose of Brodart book jacket covers?

The clear mylar covers are for protecting the dust jackets of hardcover books. Dust jackets are the paper covers that come with most new hardbacks. Without protection, they can tear, the flaps can wear through at the folds, and they are susceptible to spills and stains.

Why does the dust jacket matter?

A dust jacket adds to the value of a hardcover book. If you want to resell the book, you can command a higher price if it has a jacket. The better its condition, the more value it adds to the book.

How do you know which Brodart book cover to choose?

Brodart book covers are sold by size. You measure your book from the top to bottom edges. Choose the book cover that is closest to that inch measurement. Brodart makes clear covers in all the standard sizes, but if your book does not quite match, choose the next size up for the proper fit.

Many people like the individual book jacket covers that are pre-cut to the standard length. If you have a quantity of books that are an odd size horizontally, you might prefer the rolls. You can roll off the length that you need to fit your books, no matter how narrow or wide.

Are Brodart book covers archival quality?

Brodart offers a variety of clear covers. Many of them are archival quality. They protect the dust jackets without sticking to them or pulling the color from them.

How do you use Brodart book covers?

  • Remove the dust cover from your book and lay it out flat.
  • Sandwich the jacket between the clear layer and the paper liner of the mylar cover. Make sure the printed side of the jacket shows through the clear side of the cover.
  • Snug the top edge of the jacket firmly against the closed edge of the cover. Take care to not bend or crush the top of the jacket.
  • If the paper liner of the cover is taller than your book, fold the bottom edge up to fit. The extra margin should be hidden between the paper liner and the jacket.
  • Fold the bottom edge of the clear mylar portion of the cover to the inside along the bottom of the jacket. Crease firmly.
  • Center the spine of your hardback book against the spine of the cover.
  • Wrap the front side of the cover over, folding the flap to the inside and creasing the fold. Repeat with the back side.
  • Make any small adjustments necessary to be sure the cover is placed correctly.
  • Do not tape, glue, or otherwise fasten the book jacket covers to the book. This will decrease the value of the volume.