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Dodge Ram 2500 Discs, Rotors, & Hardware

When handling a machine as big as the Dodge Ram 2500 pickup, there is a level of pertinence that should be taken into consideration when ensuring the braking components are in tip-top shape. These vehicles are designed to handle the tough loads and knowing that you have control while driving goes a long way to your comfort and confidence when behind the wheel. Knowing how the discs, brake rotors, and hardware for the Dodge Ram 2500 operate will aid in your selection of parts and products to keep your truck a safe method of transportation whether hitting the roadway or back trails.

How does the Ram 2500 disc-braking system operate?

The disc-braking system installed in the Ram 2500 pickup truck is a complex operation. The control begins when the driver applies pressure to the brake pedal within the vehicle. This signals the master cylinder to send fluid to each of the wheels. Calipers located at these points use the fluid to press an internal piston outward. Brake pads are then pressed against the surface of a disc to slow down the speed of the truck or bring it to a complete halt.

What is the purpose of a brake-dust shield?

A brake-dust shield is designed to prevent dust caused during braking from collecting around the rims of the vehicle. These aluminum plates are mounted between the rim and disc to catch the dust that is created when the pad grabs onto the rotors surface. Deflecting the dust away from the rim and other braking system components does provide a more appealing appearance. However, this also prevents the dust and debris from causing damage to the various components within this system.

When selecting brake parts, does the mounting position matter?

Replacement brake parts for automobiles will specify when they are intended for the left or right side of the automobile. The position in which these components are installed matters for functioning and safety purposes. Each of these parts within the braking system has a specific pattern in which they are designed to mount into place. Not following this mounting pattern can affect the overall fit and operation when installed.

How many different rotors are available for Dodge Ram 2500?

There are three main types of rotors that can be installed in a Dodge Ram 2500 braking system. These options include the standard, slotted, and drilled designs. Each option has a purpose behind its design.

  • Standard: This type of rotor has a smooth surface which the brake pad presses against for slowing or stopping the vehicle.
  • Slotted: Slits are carved into the design of these discs to allow for heat and gases to be vented away from the rotor during braking.
  • Drilled: Holes are drilled into the surface of the disc in a specific pattern to allow for ventilation of dust, heat, and gases.
What is a brake-hub assembly?

A hub assembly is a hardware component that mounts to the wheel and holds the various parts for the braking system in place at this location. These parts house the calipers, rotors, and brake pads, giving the driver the appropriate location for holding all of these components securely.