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Dodge Journey Discs, Rotors, and Hardware

Your Dodge Journey’s brakes are critical to keeping it safe and in good condition. Brakes consist of many parts, including discs, rotors, and other hardware like brake pads and calipers. As and when necessary, you can get the brake parts that fit your SUV and maintain the condition of your vehicle.

What kinds of brake rotors are there for the Journey?

There are several types of rotors that are designed to handle different uses for an SUV like the Journey, which include the following:

  • Standard rotors: If you only rarely use your Journey for towing and keep it on the roads for commuting most of time, the standard rotors that your Journey comes equipped with should be more than adequate for your driving needs.
  • Slotted or drilled-hole rotors: If you tow heavy loads long distances or often take your Chevy Journey off-road, you may want to consider these types of rotors. They have slots or holes added to them to increase airflow, which helps them shed the excessive heat created by braking with heavy loads.
  • High-performance rotors: If you’re converting your Dodge Journey for racing or like to push it to its limits, you’ll need to get the highest quality brake rotors available. High-performance rotors are designed to minimize weight, maximize thermal capacity, and dissipate heat as efficiently as possible.
What are the common causes for brake failure?
  • Brake fluid leaks: Brakes operate by clamping a brake pad onto the rotor to stop your wheels. This action is done pneumatically. So, if your brakes leak too much brake fluid, they’ll lose the ability to move or clamp the brake pad down with enough force.
  • Wear and tear: Brake pads and rotors are worn away with use and require periodic replacement. If this is neglected, the brake pads can be worn away completely and damage can be done to your brakes.
What are some common signs of failing brakes?
  • Squeaking brakes: If your brakes begin squeaking loudly when you stop, this is intended to alert you that you need to replace your brake pads soon.
  • Grinding brakes: A grinding noise coming from your brakes is a red flag that indicates it’s time to stop driving your Dodge Journey until it can be repaired. The calipers and rotors are grinding together and being destroyed. Your brakes could fail completely at any time because the brake pads have been worn away.
  • Loss of stopping power: A loss of stopping power can happen for several reasons, such as frozen calipers, a leaking brake fluid line, or rotors that need replacing. If you notice that it’s more difficult than normal to stop your vehicle, inspect your brakes as soon as possible.