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Dodge Durango Discs, Rotors, and Hardware

The Dodge Durango is designed to handle all types of terrain and driving conditions. Having a thorough understanding of how the disc braking system operates within these vehicles gives you the ability to feel more comfortable about the safety of anyone riding in the automobile. Knowing more about the Dodge Durango discs, rotors, and hardware also provides you with the opportunity to make the most informed selection for replacement parts when the need arises.

How does the Dodge Durango disc braking system work?

The disc braking system of the Durango begins working when the driver presses the braking pedal inside of the vehicle. This causes the master cylinder to force pressurized fluid through the lines of the system. When the fluid reaches the calipers, an internal piston is extended outward. This piston rests behind the brake pad, forcing the friction side of the pad against the spinning rotor. The action forces the Dodge to slow down or come to a stop, depending on the pressure or duration of time the brake pedal is pressed.

What types of brake pads are made for the Durango?

There are three basic types of disc brake pads made for the Dodge Durango. These include semi-metallic pads, ceramic, and organic options. Each has a friction pad that is made for slowing or stopping the rotor when it is pressed against the disc surface.

  • Semi-metallic: Pads made from metal fibers which include brass, steel, and copper. These fibers are bonded together with a resin material.
  • Ceramic: Parts created with ceramic materials which are blended with copper to create durable, sturdy pads.
  • Organic: Pads made from non-asbestos containing materials which include rubber, glass, and Kevlar. These materials are combined with resin to hold the fibers tightly even during braking.
What are caliper covers for the Dodge?

Caliper covers are designed to fit over the caliper located at each wheel. When there are wheels installed on the vehicle that allows the caliper to be seen, these covers offer a more visual appeal for the vehicle overall. The covers do provide protection for the braking system components as they increase the protection against dirt, debris, mud, and water that can get wedged into these areas during driving conditions.

What are standard and vented rotors for the Dodge?

Standard rotors are braking discs which have a smooth surface that is solid around the entire circumference of the part. Vented rotors have slits or drilled holes featured around the surface of the disc where the brake pads grab onto. These slits or holes allow gases and heat - created during each braking experience - to be vented away from the braking system so unnecessary wear or damage is not experienced.

What are the benefits of cleaning the brake system parts?

Parts of the disc braking system such as the master cylinder and calipers are designed to be cleaned as a form of regular maintenance. Several benefits accompany such practices.

  • You have the ability to inspect the system as a whole to locate wear or damage that may be present.
  • Increases the life of the system by removing dirt and debris that creates drag on the braking system.
  • Increases the safety of the automobile by removing sludge or dirt that can interfere with the braking capabilities.