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Dodge Charger Discs, Rotors, and Hardware

The Dodge Charger, known for its American muscle-car look, has been in production for more than 50 years. When considering parts for your Charger, the brakes are arguably one of the most important parts besides the HEMI engine. Having the proper brake setup is critical to ensure the performance and safety of your vehicle.

How do Dodge Charger disc brake systems work?

Disc brake systems utilize rotors, calipers, and brake pads. All of these parts work together to slow down your Dodge vehicle. Stepping on the brake pedal engages the hydraulic system, which increases the pressure of the brake fluid in the master braking cylinder. This pressure causes brake fluid to flow out of the master cylinder to go down the brake lines to the calipers. The incoming fluid expands the calipers, which force the brake pads to come into contact with the rotors. The friction created slows down the car. As the vehicle slows, the friction causes a brake pad to heat up, which eventually wears it out. It is important to change brake pads before they wear completely out because if the calipers make direct contact with the rotors braking is not effective and this condition is bad for the discs.

What types of brake rotors are available for Dodge vehicles?

Here are some examples of the types of rotors that are available:

  • Standard: Standard rotors are composed of a strong durable material that consists of cast iron and a combination of other materials. These products are built to withstand high heat and resist warping.
  • Cross-Drilled: If you drive your Dodge in warmer areas or spend a large amount of time on the road, a cross-drilled rotor may be ideal. These products have many holes drilled through the disc, which help to disperse heat during braking. This increases the life of your Dodge brakes.
  • Slotted: Slots can be incorporated into the discs. These grooves are diagonal and work to disperse heat, as well as water, dirt, and other substances that may get flung up onto the discs when driving your Charger sedan. This style of a disc is ideal for wet road conditions.
  • Cross-Drilled and Slotted: Some rotors incorporate both of these styles. Discs that are cross-drilled and slotted are an all-around product with all the advantages. These products are great for dissipating heat as well as water. They are commonly used on performance automobiles.
How do you replace the brakes on a Dodge Charger?
  • Jack the car up with a floor jack. Remove the lug nuts and the wheels from the sedan.
  • Remove a caliper by removing the bolts or clips that hold it in place, then compress the caliper and remove the old brake pads. Install the new pads into the caliper assembly.
  • Remove the old rotor and repack the grease in the bearings.
  • Install the new brake rotors onto a clean wheel hub and then reinstall the caliper on top of the rotor.
  • Bleed the brake lines to ensure no air is inside and then reinstall the tire and the lug nuts.