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Chevrolet C1500 Discs Rotors and Hardware

The Chevrolet C1500 truck series uses disc rotors to slow down and stop the vehicle. Deciding which type of disc rotors to use on your Chevrolet C1500 requires an understanding of the what parts are available to use on your truck’s braking system. Here is an overview of the types of rotors and pads a Chevrolet C1500 uses.

What types of disc rotors are available?

Two types are available for a Chevrolet C1500: standard and performance.

How do the rotors work?
  • Standard disc rotors: Standard disc rotors have a flat metal surface. A caliper fitted with braking pads is placed over the edge of the rotor. The caliper squeezes the pads against the rotor when you press down on the brake pedal. The pressure of the shoes being pressed against the rotor slows and stops the C1500.
  • High-performance disc rotors: High-performance Chevrolet disc rotors work in the same way as standard rotors. However, if you carry heavy loads in your pickup truck, you should consider upgrading your standard disc rotors with high-performance ones. High-performance disc rotors have holes and slots cut in them to reduce friction buildup when braking. Less friction helps to keep the rotors cooler when driving. The holes and slots also help the metal surface to stay cleaner, which increases the life of the pads and rotors.
What type of pads are available?

There are three types of pads you can use on your C1500 rotors:

  • Ceramic: Ceramic pads do not produce as much dust as other brake types and are well-suited to dissipate friction heat.
  • Semi-metallic: Semi-metallic pads fits heavy-duty usage, like carrying and towing heavy loads or traveling on pitched mountain roads. The pads are resistant to overheating.
  • Organic: Organic pads are made from materials like carbon, rubber, and glass. They are inexpensive, quiet, and suitable for everyday normal driving patterns.
How do you upgrade your rear drum braking system?

Chevy C1500 pickups, like the Silverado, typically come with disc rotors in the front and drums in the rear of the vehicle. This setup is good for most Chevy C1500 owners, but for those who carry heavy loads over extended distances, you can upgrade your rear braking system to gain better stopping power. Aftermarket kits are available to upgrade your rear drum braking system. The kits come with all the parts you will need, like new braided brake lines, mounting hardware, and a set of detailed instructions that will walk you through the process.