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Blower Motors for GMC Sierra 1500

The blower motor for the GMC is a critical component of the automotive heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. When a vehicles heater is engaged, the blower motor pushes air over the heater core to draw heat from the engine and then pushes it through the vents and into the cabin. If the A/C is engaged, the blower motor forces air over the evaporator core to draw heat and humidity from the air circulating to the cabin.

What type of blower motor is in the Sierra 1500?

Blower motors in the GMC truck utilize a magnetic-type centripetal motor designed for continuous operation. They are often equipped with permanently lubricated, self-aligning bearings that extend the lifetime of the motor and ensure dependable performance.

What other parts can affect the blower motor?

Depending on the year and model of your GMC Sierra 1500, the speed of the blower motor is controlled by a blower motor control module or a blower motor resistor. Many contemporary Sierras are equipped with a blower motor control module that allows for gradual adjustment of the air flow through the cabin vents to accommodate features such as climate control. Cars and trucks equipped with a blower motor resistor have only four to five fixed speed settings for the blower motor and the air flow through the vents.

What are some symptoms of a faulty blower motor?

If the air flow through the vents in your vehicle’s cabin starts to slow, this may be an early sign of blower motor troubles. Moisture buildup in the air inlet, a clogged air filter, and humid air require the blower motor to work harder to circulate air through the cabin. This can overheat and wear out the motor and draw higher amperage through the blower motor circuit, which can burn the resistor or control module. A faulty resistor or control module is one of the most common automotive HVAC issues and often results in the blower motor not working until the fan speed is set to max since this setting bypasses the resistor or control module.

Should you repair a broken blower motor?

When you uncover problems with your GMC blower motor, it may not be wise to repair the faulty blower motor when a replacement is necessary. Not only will you risk having to fix it again when the repair wears out, but a second blower motor failure could also cause damage to other HVAC components.