Brinco de Preto para Homens

Black Ear Studs for Men

Black ear studs have a simple shape that make it easy to match these earrings with a variety of different outfits and styles. When you're searching for men's stud earrings, you can find an array of different designs, as well.

What type of metal is used in these studs?

The material that is used for the earrings will vary, causing differences in the appearance and in your comfort. You should look to see what kind of metal your pair is to determine what the black jewelry. You should also determine if there is any kind of material that you are allergic to. Some of the available materials include:

  • Yellow, white, and rose gold
  • Sterling silver
  • Titanium
  • Surgical or stainless steel
  • Alloy
What stones are available?

Stud earrings will often have a gem in either a square or a circle cut. Some of the gemstones in black ear studs include:

  • Diamonds cut in different ways, with the possibility of various carat sizes
  • Cubic Zirconia
  • Onyx

Additionally, some stud earrings don't use any kind of gem and instead use stainless steel or acrylic designs.

What is the earring gauge?

The gauge of a men’s earring will determine the size of the post that is used. Some people choose to go with larger holes. As such, the black stud earrings will need to be able to fit comfortably. One large size is 18 gauge, abbreviated as 18g. As the number goes down, the size of the hole goes up. For example, 00g measures 10 millimeters. From there, most ear gauges are then identified in millimeters or inches. If the gauge is not listed, it is generally safe to assume that it is a standard gauge of 18g.

How do you choose men's stud earrings?

Black stud earrings have a universal appeal. When you're buying the jewelry, it's important to explore a few aspects, so you can buy a design you like.

  • Single or pair: Look to see if you're getting a single earring or a pair.
  • Closure style: Look to see how the earrings affix to the ear, such as with a butterfly clasp or a screw-on back.
  • Materials: Review the type of metal and stone used in the black studs.
  • Design: Determine what kind of design the studs use, such as a square gem versus a barbell.
  • Brand: Check to see if the men’s earrings are a top brand or a generic design.