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Black Curtains, Drapes, and Valances

Black curtains, drapes, and valances provide you with a means of blocking out the sun from a window within a room. These items are available in a wide range of different patterns that you can select from, including abstract, floral, geometric, plaid, striped, and solid. These blackout curtains and valances have been manufactured by many brands that include Country Curtains, Pottery Barn, Park Designs, and Croscill.

What are the different types of black curtains and drapes?
  • Valances: This is a type of drapery that is commonly used for decorative purposes and is situated toward the top of a window, usually as a means of covering the curtain fittings.
  • Standard drapes: These are lengthy curtains that typically extend all the way to the floor and are usually made from heavy materials and fabrics.
  • Blackout curtains: These are curtains that consist of an opaque fabric as well as a foam backing, both of which are meant to help block out the sun whenever the curtains are fully closed.
  • Tier curtains: These are usually panels of fabric that cover the bottom portion of a window. These fabric panels are typically tailored or ruffled. They are also sometimes paired with valances at the top portion of a window.
  • Sheers: These are light and airy curtains that are nearly transparent. They allow some sunlight to filter through even when closed.
What are some features with these blackout curtains and valances?

The blackout feature blocks the sun and other light when the curtains are closed while the thermal-lined curtains help to keep the cold from passing through the window and into your home or space. Some of them come with a grommet design, which means that they consist of holes at the top that allows them to be hung up over a window.

What materials are blackout curtains and drapes made from?
  • Velvet: This is a heavy fabric that comes with a high sheen. It is made from other fabrics, such as nylon, silk, or cotton. In order to create the distinctive texture, the threads are evenly distributed.
  • Lace: This is a type of fabric that makes use of embroidery to provide patterned curtains. It is thin and elastic and can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Linen: This is a relatively stiff fabric that is constructed from various fabrics, such as hemp and cotton.
  • Silk: This fabric is lightweight and is typically created by silkworms to make their cocoons. It is obtained from the cocoon to make the fabric.