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Everything You Need to Know About Selecting a Barco Home Theater Projector

Home theater projectors are used by people who want to enjoy the cinema experience at home, and Barco is one of the projector manufacturers that has true CinemaScope technology for the residential market. This technology automatically scales your media to the desired resolution. Whether you are looking for an entry-level model or one that delivers a high quality, eBay makes it easy to browse a variety of Barco projector models.

What makes Barco projectors exceptional?

Barco started by manufacturing radios, television, and cabinets before they dominated the projection market. Over 40% of digital cinema screens in movie theaters are Barco projectors. Barco used 80 years of commercial experience to design their residential home theater projectors. Due to this experience and the advanced technologies used, Barco offers quality residential projectors.

What are some uses for Barco projectors?

Barco Residential designs quality projectors primarily for home use. The entry-level projectors are designed for small- to medium-sized rooms, including a compact model designed for the smallest spaces. The more advanced projectors offered by Barco are intended for high-end houses or yachts. Other models offered by Barco are intended for large screens or bright outdoor environments with ambient light. Barco offers an option for every level of home projection from entry-level to the highest possible residential projection quality available.

What are the advanced technologies offered by Barco?

The advanced technologies used by Barco for their residential projectors allows them to create their products. These technologies include those listed here:

  • CinemaScope: Barco Residential is the only company to offer CinemaScope technology for residential use.
  • DLP technology: This \"worlds most sophisticated light switch\" enhances the projector image quality. It won the Academy Award of Merit when it was introduced in 1987.
  • 6P laser: Barco Residential is the first and only company to offer an advanced integrated laser for home theater systems. This laser has a reliable 30,000-hour lifespan that retains 80% of its initial brightness.
  • Sealed optical architecture: Due to the sealed nature of the projector optical engine, dust cannot enter the DLP Chip enclosure. This allows for a longer, more reliable performance without dust interference.
  • Advanced color management: Barco projectors will be calibrated when you receive them. However, you can also calibrate them yourself with the color management system to a desired white point or grayscale of your choosing. The green and red DMD chips can also be adjusted by home users to allow more customization.
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