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Baby Wipe Warmers

Baby wipe warmers are a welcome addition to any baby's nursery. Easy to use with a reclosable lid, warmers for infant wipes prevent that cold shock to your baby's skin during a diaper change and keep your baby warm. Most brands of warmers for your baby wipes come with a number of different possible styles and features for you to select.

How does a warmer for wipes work?

Although different warmer brands such as Prince Lionheart, Dex Baby, and Munchkin have a variety of special features, most warmers for wipes look like a standard wipe container with a lid that prevents your wipes from drying out during diaper changes. At the bottom of the wipe warmer is a sponge that keeps your wipes warm and moist throughout your baby's multiple diaper changes. A heating element at the bottom of the unit maintains the wipes at a comfortably warm temperature when they come in contact with baby's sensitive skin, making diaper changing more enjoyable for your baby. Wipe warmers are easy to unplug and clean before putting in a refill pack. They can be filled with a pack of scented or unscented baby wipes.

What are some features to look for in warmers?

First, check the wipe warmer for general ease of use. Warmers for baby wipes should be easy to operate every time with one hand and refill easily. The wipe warmer should be able to accommodate the wipes you prefer, whether scented, unscented, paper, or cloth. Space may be a factor in your diaper changing area, so examine the size of the warmer you select. Finally, evaluate the special features each device offers and choose based on your family's needs. Many styles offer distinct advantages.

  • Antibacterial plastic: The Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer uses a plastic approved by the EPA to prevent the growth of bacteria on the lid or container. While it is still crucial to clean your child's wipe warmer to keep it free of microorganisms, having a warmer for your baby wipes that discourages bacterial growth is an important feature for many parents.
  • Light: The Munchkin Glow baby wipe warmer not only features a see-through window enabling you to check how many baby wipes are in the container, but the Munchkin also features a light that remains on for approximately 10 minutes. This is a convenient feature for parents to use during the baby's diaper change.
  • Cloth: The Munchkin Glow and Prince Lionheart Ultimate baby wipe warmers can accommodate cloth wipes.
  • Space: The Dex Baby Space Saver Wipe Warmer stores baby wipes vertically and takes up less space in your changing area. The Prince Lionheart Compact Wipes Warmer is slim, accommodating up to 30 baby wipes at a time, and may be useful for travel packs or diaper bags.