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Baby Feeding

Find Baby Feeding Tools for Every Stage

From the moment baby arrives, what he or she will eat—or even if he or she will eat—is an enormous concern. Whether breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, with newborn feeding, we worry about the baby successfully latching on, getting formula to the right temperature and burping. Move on to older baby feeding, and the focus shifts to meats, fruits and veggies, organics, and when to introduce different kinds of baby food.

To make things as worry-free as possible, a new parent should talk to their doctor about baby feeding. And to have access to the widest array of baby feeding products possible at the best prices, consider shopping online for baby feeding supplies. You’ll find everything from electric breast pumps to baby formula to baby high chairs. When your baby is ready to move beyond bottle feeding, shop eBay for baby cups, baby utensils and baby dishes.

A Quick Guide to Baby Feeding

Newborn feeding supplies differ from those you will need to feed an older baby. When you first bring baby home from the hospital, you will have lots of questions about infant feeding products:

  • Should I breastfeed my baby? If so, which breastfeeding supplies will I need? 
  • Should I use baby bottles. If so, which kind of bottle feeding products do I need? 
  • If I choose to feed my baby formula, which type is best: liquid baby formula or powder baby formula?
  • If and when should I introduce a baby pacifier? What are the plusses and minuses of a pacifier? Do I need pacifier clips?
  • When I am ready to move on to solid baby food, how should I start? Which brands are best?

Your pediatrician can help you find the best answer to some of these questions for you and your baby.

Let eBay Be Your Source for Baby Feeding Products Online

eBay carries infant feeding supplies from all the brands you know and trust. Purchase formula from Enfamil and Similac, Dr. Brown bottles, a Medela breast pump and a Boppy pillow to make feeding easier. From bibs to portable high chairs to booster chairs, you’ll find everything your baby needs.