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Baby Dressers

Baby dressers are a great addition to your baby's room, allowing you to store your child's clothing and other belongings. The nursery is where your infant will spend a lot of their time, so it's important to get a dresser that's practical and safe. Dressers have a variety of different styles and safety features, so choose one appropriate for your needs.

What are some important features for a baby dresser?

As with any children's furniture, safety and functionality are critical. It's important to choose a dresser that can store your baby's important gear, including clothing, diapers, and toys. You can consider the amount of storage you need and whether you prefer a combination dresser and changing table. Stand-alone dressers could also hold items like a toy or lamp. Baby dressers also come in an array of colors, from natural wood finishes to pastel colors that match your decor. Here are some key features to think about.

  • Safety: Most baby furniture manufacturers such as Graco, Babies R Us, Davinci, and others make pieces that you can easily attach to a wall stud to prevent tipping, even when drawers are fully pulled out.
  • Size: How much space will you have available in your child's room? It may be tempting to get a smaller table at first, but consider what items you intend to have on it. You can also choose options that double as changing tables. Many parents prefer a slightly larger chest-of-drawers with more storage for their baby's changing needs, supplies, and clothing.
  • Features: A dresser that doubles as a changing table can be a space-saver. For long-lasting children's furniture, a removable changing tray extends the life of the bureau beyond your child's infant and toddler years.
What kinds of styles do dressers for babies come in?

Some brands such as Babies R Us or DaVinci offer a number of collections to accommodate parents' diverse tastes and needs. Consider whether you'll need two drawers or four drawers and whether you want a low piece such as a chest or a taller piece such as an armoire. You can also consider what style you prefer and whether you want to go for the classic nursery white or for a more colorful approach for nursery furniture. Many brands offer a range of styles to consider.

  • Bright Nursery White: For a bright white nursery straight out of a catalog picture shoot, a white chest of drawers not only gives you a place to store clothes and diapers but also brightens a.
  • Classic Wood: Solid wood chests of drawers made from poplar, oak, mahogany, or other woods can store important kids' gear while giving the nursery a classic look.