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Bloch Shoes for Women

Bloch manufactures a variety of dance, sport, and fashion shoes for women. The brand is best known for its dance shoes, which span the full range of disciplines. Each style is designed for comfort, function, and aesthetics, ensuring that you look great on stage, in the studio, and on the street.

What are some kinds of dance shoes from Bloch?

Dance footwear is the brand’s primary focus, so it’s easy to find a variety of styles for any type of practice or performance.

  • Ballet: Pointe shoes, canvas slippers, leather performance slippers
  • Jazz: Booties, lace-up, T-bar
  • Contemporary: Foot thongs, slingbacks, foot gloves
  • Tap shoes: Oxfords, Mary Janes, slip-on, brogue
  • Ballroom/Latin: Strappy sandals, pumps, T-bar
  • Dance sneakers: Practice, split sole, jazz, training sneakers
  • Character: Split, T-bar, Mary Jane
  • Teaching: Stretch straps, flexible

The company also makes a variety of styles inspired by ballet shoes, tap shoes, and other dance styles. Casual models include ballet flats, boots, and lace-up jazz oxfords.

What are Bloch barre shoes?

These styles combine features of ballet shoes and athletic shoes. Each model is flexible, enabling a full range of motion for your feet. Non-slip pads help boost stability as you hold complicated positions. The pads also increase foot-to-floor security for greater control.

What are the company’s Pilates shoes?

These slip-on footwear styles are engineered to provide traction and prevent slipping in a Pilates class or on a Pilates machine. Some styles feature five front holes for your toes, so you can grip a bar or maintain balance. Many models have stretchy sides that enable your feet to flex.

What are Bloch split soles?

Unlike traditional dance shoes, split-sole styles feature a flexible arch section that enables you to flex and articulate your foot fully. Firmer sections on the back and ball of the foot provide ample support and cushioning.

What materials are Bloch dance shoes made from?

Their dance shoes are often made from leather, synthetic leather, or canvas. Many heeled styles feature textured resin or rubber bottoms for excellent traction; soft ballet shoes may feature suede pads on the soles for cushioning and easy movement.

What is an auto-lock buckle?

Some Bloch ballroom, character, and tap shoes feature auto-lock buckles. These styles do not use a traditional pin and hole method; instead, the smooth strap locks into place automatically, allowing easy fit adjustments and quick changes. The buckles feature an elastic section that reduces tension on the instep of your foot.

What are some heel-height options for character shoes?

Character styles usually come in small, medium, and tall heel heights. The lowest version is the 1.5-inch, which is common in styles such as the Chorus Line and the Broadway Lo. More advanced dancers can select mid-height styles, which measure 2-2.5 inches tall. These options are available on models including the Kickline and the Splitflex II. The tallest character heels measure three inches and taller; and these heights are available in styles such as the Splitpro and Chord T-bar Strap 3-inch.