Materiais para pintura automotiva

Automotive Paint Supplies

Whether you run an auto body repair shop or like to work on your car at home, you need a range of products for great results. You can find out more about supplies to consider for your auto body shop or home garage.

What are some supplies needed for auto body repair?

Some of the first automotive supplies you should look for are repair tools. This can include cleaning kits designed for removing stuck-on debris from tires and hub caps. You can find repair kits that have everything you need for doing minor auto body repairs before painting. Other automotive supplies can include:

  • Mixing paddles: Before applying a liquid product to an auto, you should make sure that you have the right color on hand. Mixing paddles, also called mixing sticks, let you mix colors inside one can. The sticks are disposable and come in sets with dozens or hundreds of sticks.
  • Tire covers: Tire covers are disposable products made from paper that you can use to cover the tires and wheels. The covers keep those areas of the auto safe from the paint and primer products that you use.
  • Sanding blocks: Youll also want to invest in some sanding blocks or sandpaper for automotive work. Fine grit and coarse grits help you to get the smooth surface that you need before painting a car or truck.
What products help you protect your work area?

Products designed to protect your work area include plastic sheeting. This sheeting comes in large rolls that you can cut to the size needed and is great for doing repairs. Mixing cups are also helpful. These cups let you keep a limited amount of product nearby and reduce the risk of accidental spills. The cups come in different sizes also. Having color charts on hand will help your customers see which colors and products they want if you run a shop.

Are there products you can use to protect yourself?

Auto body shop workers and people working at home can use other products to stay safe when working on cars. Respirator masks keep you from inhaling potential dangerous fumes as you work. You can wear jumpsuits to keep your clothing protected. These jumpsuits are available in versions that you can wash and wear for months and those that you throw away after one use. There are also boot covers for protecting your shoes.