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Automotive Paint Primers

Automotive paint primer is a type of paint designed to act like a base coat. It creates a smooth finish that is free from any imperfections and allows paint to adhere better. Primer works on bare vehicles and those already painted.

What color primer do you need?

Primer comes in three standard colors: black, white, and gray. White works with light colors and keeps the original color of the car from shining through. Gray works well with a wide range of shades and is the industry standard. Black is better for use with darker colors, especially when applying dark shades on top of a dark paint.There are also tinted products available.

What are some ways of applying primer?

While there are some different methods of applying primer, you may not know which one is right for you. It depends on the product that you use and whether there is any paint on your car. These products come in cans that look similar to interior house paint, and spray versions. With a spray product, you use a sweeping motion while standing back a few inches away from your vehicle. Standard products will require using a paint gun to apply the primer to your vehicle. No matter which products you choose, youll need to use tape to protect some surfaces. This keeps the paint from sticking to places like the glass. Youll also need to wait for each coat to fully finish drying before you apply the next. Most vehicles require several coats of paint and the application of a clear coat.

What is paint correction?

Paint correction is a process used by professionals to fix imperfections in the clear or base coat. It can also work effectively at covering up and removing scratches in the finish. This often involves sanding down the surface and using a thicker primer to fill in the scratches. Painting over the primer and adding a clear coat are the final steps. This process can also eliminate scratches left behind by hard water.

How do you know how much primer you need?

Whether you pick spray or traditional primer, you need to know how much the job requires. Most basic sedans will need at least one gallon of primer and two or more gallons of paint. SUVs and trucks will need between one-and-a-half to two gallons of paint primer. Manufacturers put the amount of liquid inside on the exterior of the product to help you see how much you need. These products that contain less primer are suitable for touch-up jobs.