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Portals with Character: Antique Doors

Salvaged doors that are antique or vintage are a popular way to add style and design to a home. These doors are usually solid and well-made, meaning they can be used for decades if not hundreds of years. Antique and vintage doors often come in designs and finishes that are not available in newer or stock doors.

What are the benefits of installing an antique door?

Choosing an antique or vintage door has a number of benefits, and the benefits are the following:

  • Handmade: Handmade antique or vintage doors often have the marks and flaws from the original artisan, adding unique character your entrances.
  • Quality: Antique doors are generally think and strong with the heft from real solid oak.
  • Style: Vintage doors are often made in many different styles. If you are refurbishing an old house or you want your home to be of a particular style, going with a vintage or antique door could be a good option.

Where should antique doors be used?

Antique doors can be used all over the home with some of the ideal places being the following:

  • Front door: Because the front door acts as a statement before you ever step foot inside the house, you want a front door that speaks to you. Antique or vintage front doors can be panel doors which can be simple yet stately or they can be innately carved.
  • Office door: Re-purposed antique or vintage barn doors are popular for adding sliding doors. This way, you can separate interior spaces without taking up space when you want the antique door to be open.
  • Interior door: Re-purposed antique wood or glass doors are an eco-friendly way to spruce up interior spaces.

What are antique or vintage doors made from?

Antique doors are made from a variety of different materials depending on their use. Common materials used to build are listed below:

  • Wood: When doors are made from wood, it is most likely made from oak. However, you may also find doors made from pine, beech, and mahogany.
  • Glass: Some wooden doors have glass panes inlaid. The glass panels can be used as accents for the door or may make up the majority of the doors design. While most antique wood doors use regular glass, others have stained glass for accents.
  • Cast iron: Cast iron and other metal doors may be used for decoration or as gates. Antique or vintage metal doors are usually found on the exterior of the home.

What is a Dutch door?

A Dutch door, also known as a stable door, is a wood door that has two halves. The top half can be opened while the bottom half remains closed. It was generally used in colonial architecture and on farms. The Dutch door allows fresh air to come in and keeps children in while keeping animals out.

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