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GMC Terrain Antennas

Maintain clear lines of communication with your choice of GMC Terrain antennas. Your Terrain crossover SUV supports a number of antenna designs and capabilities. Satellite, cellular, data and more are all at your fingertips with the right antenna on point.

What are some low-profile antenna designs?

Your GMC Terrain supports both high- and low-profile antenna designs. Each type of design has its benefits. Some of the representatives of the low-profile class of antenna include:

  • Shark fin antennas: These get their names from their close resemblance to the dorsal fin of sharks. Fittingly, they usually fit across the roof of your Terrain, affording it a sleek, swept-back look. Despite their small size, shark fin antennas often deliver plenty of functionalities. Many designs include diversity-ready electronics that allow you to pick up stations on diverse frequency ranges. For example, some models include both satellite and AM/FM reception capabilities.
  • Puck antennas: Close in shape, size, and appearance to hockey pucks, these durable members of the low-profile family often include magnetized bases. This makes it easier for you to mount them in the most advantageous locations on your GMC Terrain compact SUV. If you often experience connectivity issues, this flexibility can fix your reception woes. Plus, the low center of gravity and small surface areas gives these diminutive antennas the ability to survive in environments destructive to larger builds.
  • Billet: Also called short-mast antennas, these are axial-antennas with shortened shafts. The length of these antennas runs from as little as 1.5 inches through 15 inches. This short stature belies their potential, and they often allow you to access radio sources across several frequency bands.
  • Fender: Fender antennas may be a puck, foil, or some other kind of portable design. You can place them in, on, or under any of your fenders.
What are some high-profile antenna designs?

High-profile antennas include:

  • Mast antennas: These are the familiar black or silver tower-antennas that jut from many car fenders.
  • Retractable: Retractable antennas are mast/billet type designs attached to motors. Thus, they qualify as both low and high-profile.
How do GMC antenna diversity systems work?

Diversity systems are the answer to a problem that has long plagued many drivers. When driving through areas with large obstructions, such as buildings or mountains, the radio reception often fades. This is partially due to the reflective effects that these objects have on radio signals. Diversity designs get around this issue by mounting antennas on various sides of your Terrain. A computerized diversity controller inside your car stereo takes samples from each antenna and then links with the one with the strongest reception. Thus, even if signals originate from three separate directions, one of your GMC radio receivers may get a clear, strong link.