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A Quick Guide to Choosing American Girl Bitty Baby Dolls

American Girl Bitty Baby dolls are a good way to introduce your child to the world of the American Girl doll collection. As with full-sized American Girl dolls, boys and girls can choose Bitty Baby dolls on eBay that look similar to their older counterparts. The Bitty Baby dolls can be paired with accessories for the baby like rocking cradles, music mobiles, and rocking chairs.

How are Bitty Babies different from other American Girl dolls?

American Girl Bitty Baby dolls are typically 15 inches tall. The chest measurement of these baby dolls is approximately 13 inches, and their hips are about 13.25 inches around. A Bitty Baby wears outfits and uses doll accessories that are specifically sized for this line of baby dolls. Additional differences include:

  • Size: The baby versions are smaller than standard American Girls.
  • Hair: The larger American Girls have free-flowing hair, and the Bitty Baby line has molded hair.
  • Appropriate ages: While the regular American Girls are intended for children ages eight and up, boys and girls as young as three can play with a Bitty Baby.
  • Bodies: Both baby doll lines have cloth bodies. The dolls have molded vinyl arms, legs, and heads.
How do you select a Bitty Baby?

When you're looking for an American Girl Bitty Baby doll on eBay, you can select Bitty Baby dolls by their features:

  • Skin color: The dolls come in a spectrum of skin shades, ranging from light to dark tones.
  • Eye color: A Bitty Baby can have brown, blue, or green eyes.
  • Hair color: Available options for a Bitty Baby include black, dark brown, light brown, and blonde hair.
  • Hair texture: A Bitty Baby often has straight hair. A baby with dark brown hair can have locks that are either straight or textured.
  • Outfit: The dolls come with a standard onesie and diaper, but you can select one of several baby pajama options for your Bitty Baby.
  • Type: You can also select categories like just the doll, doll clothes and accessories, and doll playset and accessories.
  • Doll gender: You can select a boy doll or a girl doll.
  • Doll size: Bitty Baby doll sizes come in 15 inches or 16 inches.
  • Material: Options include cloth or plastic.
  • Condition: New or used are options.
What accessories are available for American Girl Baby Dolls?

Just like with other American Girl Dolls, Bitty Baby dolls can be dressed in different clothing like dresses or pajamas and paired with various accessories like a crib or a diaper bag. Children can use furniture, baby gear, clothing, and accessories to care for their Bitty Babies. Some clothing and accessories available for Bitty Babies are:

  • Clothes: dresses, sleepwear, swimwear, and play clothes.
  • Baby gear: strollers, cribs, changing tables, rocking chairs, diaper bags, and toys.
  • Care items: diapering supplies, bibs, feeding supplies, blankets, and doll medical supplies.
What Bitty Babies are available on eBay?

Bitty Babies are available on eBay at affordable price points. You can buy a Bitty Baby doll on eBay in either new, used, or preowned condition. In addition to Bitty Babies being available on eBay, you can also find clothing, accessories, and care items for the dolls. These are available in new, used, or preowned condition as well.