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Get Comfy with Airwalk Shoes for Women

Airwalk Shoes for Women

An icon of the 1990s shoe scene, Airwalk actually started in 1987. Airwalk shoes were originally favored by skateboarders and gave rise to a shoe trend that has never gone out of style. After launching their famous The One shoe, a predecessor for many Airwalk slippers, sneakers, and low-top shoes, the brand become well-known, and the shoes were used not only for skateboarding but for casual, everyday wear as well.

Throughout the years, Airwalk has reinvented itself over and over, but they've remained true to their roots and their classic skateboard style. In the late 2010s, Airwalk paired with sneaker designer Jeff Staple, who famously helped to craft the Nike Dunk Pigeon sneakers. Staple helped to once again bring Airwalk into the modern world of fashion, giving the shoe a slightly updated appearance while maintaining the characteristic look and feel of the sneakers.

Are Airwalk shoes comfortable?

Airwalk shoes are stylish and comfortable. The skateboarder shoes are heavily padded at the sides and along the tongue, and most Airwalk styles feature thick rubber soles. In addition, a cupsole design offers additional support and helps to reduce impact on the muscles and joints.

Airwalk Women's Shoes

Even the slimmer canvas sneakers are a good choice for walking or standing for long periods of time. Airwalk sneakers are also made to be lightweight and breathable, and the insides of the shoes are soft.

Are Airwalk shoes fashionable?

Today, many companies make a version of skateboarding shoes, but Airwalk was one of the first to do so. The wide, well-padded shoes are tough and they look great. When they were released, people couldn't get enough of Airwalk 90s shoes, and the sneakers are as popular now as they were then. Nostalgia for that time period has helped to boost the demand for these women's slip-on shoes even more.

Airwalk Shoes

What colors and styles are Airwalk shoes available in?

Airwalk shoes are available in a wide range of colors and styles, and there have been many different designs since the sneakers first appeared in 1987. Most of the sneakers, such as the women's Legacee sneaker, are low-rise, but others, including the iconic The One, are mid-rise. Airwalk shoes are available in solid colors, such as black, white, gray, beige, red, green, and blue, but some shoes feature blocks of color.

Airwalk shoes - Green

Airwalk Women's Sneakers

Airwalk shoes - Red

Airwalk Sneakers for Women

One of the most recognizable colorways is the black and gray blocking of The One. If you're interested in Airwalk shoes, however, you can also find them with different patterns or designs, including multi-color paint splatter, flowers, or stripes. The most iconic Airwalk shoes have suede uppers, but you can also find canvas versions.

Are Airwalk shoes for women true to size?

Airwalk shoes for women tend to be true to size, so you can select a pair in the size you normally take. Skateboard shoes are designed to be roomy, but the shoe should still fit snuggly on your foot. See the manufacturer's site for details.

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