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Air Hockey Equipment

Air hockey is an actively played arcade game. It is played using pucks and mallets with two players on opposite sides of the table. When shopping for air hockey equipment, there are a few things you need to know.

How do you choose an air hockey table?

Air hockey tables come in different sizes. You should always choose a size that fits the available space in your house or shop. Tables for commercial use are usually about 8 feet long, and it's the hockey table used in arcades. If you are a professional player, you could go for these full-size air hockey tables. On the other hand, children and amateurs can enjoy playing with 40-inch tables, especially if space is limited.

Air hockey tables are also differentiated by the power options available. The game gets its name from the fans that blow air over the table. These fans are located under the air hockey table and are either powered by batteries or an electronic setup. Battery-powered tables are ideal for people who intend to carry their tables to locations that lack electric outlets.

How do you choose your pucks?

Here are some factors to consider when buying air hockey disks:

  • The size: Professionals play with large 3.75-inch pucks. These are easy to control although players have a hard time getting the puck past the strikers. Smaller pucks have diameters of about 2.75 inches.
  • The weight: The weight of a puck is usually related to its size. Light disks fly across the table and can be harder to direct. Also, a lighter puck indicates that the power of the fans is low.
  • The material: These products are made using plastic. Some may choose hard, high-quality plastic because these pucks are durable and scratch-resistant. However, pucks made using softer plastic are ideal if you intend to play at home. This is because they produce less noise.
  • The shape: Pucks are typically circular in shape. However, you can choose to go for triangular or octagonal items.
How should you choose a mallet?

Pushers are essential in air hockey. Participants in the games use these strikers to control the puck. Here are some tips to help you choose an appropriate mallet:

  • The size: The size of the pusher is mainly determined by the size of the air hockey table. Using large pushers on a small table makes the game less competitive since you can easily block the puck. However, if you have a large air hockey table, you can use bigger pushers.
  • The weight: A heavier pusher is easier to control because all your energy is transferred to the item. The weight is linked to the size of the pusher and the material used to make it.
  • Felt pads: Some strikers are designed with felt pads under them. This serves to protect the table from damage. Such pushers are ideal if you are playing at home. However, if you are buying the pusher for professional games, you may not need the felt pads as can lead to a slower game.

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