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Air Filters for Kia Sorento

One of the key elements your Kia Sorento depends on to drive well is proper airflow to the engine. Without air, combustion cant happen, and without combustion, your Sorento is just a nice driveway decoration. Therefore, keeping your air filters clean at all times will help your Sorento realize the performance it was designed to achieve.

How do you maintain a Kia Sorentos air filter?

Maintaining the air filters in your SUV is an easy task. The engineers who designed your Kia vehicle understand that proper airflow is crucial to the long life and solid performance of your engine. Therefore, they made keeping that airflow strong an easy task, by making the air filters easy to replace. Beyond simply replacing the air filters, though, there are a few other tasks you can do to maintain the air filters in between the times you need to replace them.

  • Shake it out: Sometimes, your Sorentos engine air filter and cabin air filter will pick up large particles that reduce air flow but arent saturated with the smaller particles that require replacement. In this case, its okay to remove the filters and dispose of the large particles, and then put the old air filter back in its slot.
  • Clean all around: The particles that your Sorentos air filters are responsible for removing can accumulate in areas surrounding the filters in the air ducts. When you are inspecting your air filter, clean out any debris you can see in the air duct itself, as this debris can also impede airflow.
  • Dry it out: The fins in your Kias air filters do not respond well to any type of moisture exposure. For example, if its raining when you replace your air filters and they get slightly wet, allow them to dry completely before installing them. The fins are fairly weak when wet, so installing them could expose them to forces that could deform the filters, resulting in unsatisfactory performance.
What types of air filters are available for a Sorento?

As one of the most regularly replaced components on your Kia Sorento, Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.) and aftermarket filters abound. You can choose air filters that have activated charcoal and baking soda embedded in the filter fins to eliminate odors, or you could go with a standard filter that does a great job of removing dust and debris from the air entering your SUV.

Whatever you choose, ensure that you select a filter that matches your Kia Sorento. Filters come in all shapes and sizes, indicative of the different filter compartments in different vehicles. Therefore, to ensure peak performance, you want to select the filter that is specifically designed for your Kia Sorentos filter compartment, ensuring that no air escapes unfiltered and that you dont have to force it in the compartment, potentially damaging the compartment or the filter.